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Presented to Parliament by President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga on August 3, 2000

Chapter I The People, the State and Sovereignty
Chapter II Buddhism
Chapter III Fundamental Rights and Freedom
Chapter IV Language
Chapter V  Citizenship
Chapter VI Principles of State policy and fundamental Duties
Chapter VII The Central Executive- President and the Republic
Chapter VIII The Central Executive- the President and the Cabinet Ministers
Chapter IX The Central Legislative-Parliament
Chapter X The Central Legislative-Procedures and powers
Chapter XI The Central Legislative-Amendment of the constitution
Chapter XII The Referendum
Chapter XIII The Franchise and elections
Chapter XIV The Constitutional Council
Chapter XV The Devolution of powers to region
Chapter XVI State land, waters and Minerals 
Chapter XVII  The Judiciary- Institution for the administration of justice
Chapter XVIII The Judiciary-The Independence of the Judiciary
Chapter XIX The Judiciary- The jurisdiction of the Supreme Court, The Court of Appeal and the Regional High Courts
Chapter XX The Public Services
Chapter XXI Finance
Chapter XXII Defence, National Security and Law and Order
Chapter XXIII Public Security
Chapter XXIV The parliamentary Commissioner for Administration
Chapter XXV Local Government
Chapter XXVI General
Chapter XXVII Transitional Provisions
Chapter XXVIII Interim Council for the Northern and Eastern Regions
Chapter XXIX Interpretation
Chapter XXX Repeal
Chapter XXXI Promulgation of the Constitution



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