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Regional hub-centre for trade and logistics
Peter Barbut
Sri Lanka, a Future HUB for Trade and Logistics for the Indian Sub Continent (ISC) Region. Today at the higher corridors of the government, there seems to be a lot of ambitious thinking and forecasting in creating Sri Lanka into a regional hub-centre for trade and logistics, which will follow as one of the next in-line revenue generators after tourism in the coming years [Full Story]
Harnessing the blue skies and seas;
Magampura Port development speeds up
"I am determined to make our country the centre of the Asian silk route once again taking advantage of its unique geographical location. I intend to develop it into a navigation, aviation, trading and commercial centre linking the East and West". [Full Story]
Development of tourism;
Number one tourist attraction in the world
"My intention is to generate environmental friendly sustainable tourism instead of relying only on leisure seeking popular tourism", stated President Mahinda Rajapaksa in ‘Mahinda Chintana’, his manifesto to develop the country. [Full Story]
Eastern Awakening
After nearly three decades of oppression due to LTTE terrorism, the Eastern Province was liberated with the Mavil-Aru humanitarian operation, bringing new hope for lasting peace and prosperity to the region. Since the liberation, the people of the East have seen positive changes. [Full Story]
Generating power for future generations
At present, it is estimated that 77% of the households have electricity with grid connections whilst 3% are served by off-grid facilities. The annual increase in demand for electricity is around 7%-8%. Therefore, around 200MW needs to be added to the system annually. [Full Story]
Development of Sports
“Schools should not produce bookworms. Extracurricular activities should be encouraged to produce a very healthy nation, “sports should be improved to international standards in the schools”. This was President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s vision in improve sports to ensure the physical wellbeing of Sri Lanka’s future generations.
[Full Story]
Tsunami - Five Years On
The Indian Ocean tsunami which struck on 26 December 2004 caused the biggest natural disaster in the history of Sri Lanka taking more than 35,000 lives. About two thirds of the coastline, from the northern Jaffna peninsula along the eastern coast to the southern tip, as well as the relatively sheltered south western and western coasts, was subjected to inundation. [Full Story]
IT expands to all corners of the island
President Mahinda Rajapaksa declared 2009 as Sri Lanka's Year of English and IT.

In the ‘Mahinda Chintana’, my election manifesto which received the endorsement of the people, we recognized the importance of rapidly creating a knowledge society in Sri Lanka. [Full Story]

Development of health services
I consider it my responsibility to preserve the free health service and safeguard the right of every citizen for the benefits there under. In this regard, immediate action will be taken to enhance these services both qualitatively and quantitatively through increased budgetary provisions, stated President Mahinda Rajapaksa in ‘Mahinda Chintana’, his manifesto to develop the country. [Full Story]
Development of roads and bridges
In an interview with the Reuters in 2005 September, the then Prime Minister and Presidential candidate Mahinda Rajapaksa said that there were two challenges before of him: one was to wipe out terrorism and the second to develop the country bringing benefit to all communities. [Full Story]

Ports development in the North and East
The Sri Lankan government has commenced development of ports not only in the western and southern parts of the country but also in the Eastern and Northern Provinces as well where terrorism prevailed for nearly three decades. [Full Story]

Ports development speeds up
Sri Lanka is located in the centre of the former Maritime Silk Route which operated from around 250 BC connecting ancient Alexandria with China. Its geographic location is crucial to the building of trade and cultural ties between East and West. [Full Story]
Milk production reaches highest ever mark
The milk production in Sri Lanka has reached highest quantity so far under the livestock and dairy development programmes of the Government. [Full Story]








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