Mail exchange

One of the most unbelievable aspects of the remote village of Meemure is the fact that it is completely isolated and has no forms of communication whatsoever. There are no telephone lines – even to the nearest city of Hunnasgiriya, some 29km.

The isolation of this village can be assessed from their only link to the outside world – the postman. Probably nowhere else in Sri Lanka is mail still delivered in this manner. The postman will come only during the week, provided it doesn’t rain. He will carry around 10-15 letters and walk a distance of 15km from Hunnasgiriya to Loolwatte to deliver mail to the people of Meemure.

However, the postman will not travel all the way to Meemure. One person from Meemure travels daily a distance of about 14km to Loolwatte as well. They will meet at a place known as Thapal Junction (literally meaning Mail Junction) on top of a hill and exchange incoming and outgoing mail.


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