Map of Meemure

Knuckles range

Meemure is a small remote village situated in the Central Province of Sri Lanka in the Kandy District. The nearest city is Hunnasgiriya, which is approximately 144km from Colombo and 34km from Kandy.

The village is nestled within the Knuckles mountain range that spans across the central highlands. The name describes its outline and consists of 35 peaks. It spans about 90 square kilometers in extent and reaches heights of 915m (3000 ft).

The Knuckles range is known to contain a rich variety of plant and animal life. Some of the wildlife includes leopard, sambhur, mouse deer, barking deer, sloth beer, leaf monkey, toque monkey, wild squirrels, giant squirrels, wild boar and otter.

The only access point to Meemure village is through Hunnasgiriya city and then via Loolwatte town. 


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