Sri Lanka in Brief

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6o-10o North Latitude
80o-82o East longitude
Maximum Length 432Km
Maximum Breadth 224Km
Land Area
-excluding Inland Waters
65,525 Sq. Km        62,336 Sq. Km
Highest Water fall Bambarakanda 241 meters
Highest Peak    Pidurutalagala 2524 meters
Longest River Mahaweli 335 k. meters



19.043 million
Male 9.707 million
Female 9.336 million
Density per sq/km 304
Growth Rate 1.4 


Provincial Population ( 1981 Census)       

Western 3.920 million
Central 2.009 million
Southern  1.883 million
North Western  1.704 million
Sabaragamuwa 1.482 million
Northern  1.109 million
Eastern       0.975 million
Uwa 0.914 million
North Centra 0.849 million


 Male   90.5
Female 82.4



Sinhala   74
Tamil  18
Moors     7
Others 1


Administrative Units

9 Provinces, 25 Districts, 256 Divisional Secretariats, 160 Electorates


Buddhism   69
Hinduism  15
Christianity    8
Islam 7


Temperature(Mean Annual) 270C in the lowland, 150C at Nuwara Eliya (altitude 1800 m). Relative Humidity varies from 70% during the day to 90% at night. Rainfall (annual) 2500 mm to over 5000 mm in South West of the Island. Less than 1250 mm in the North West and South East of the Island.
Rainy Seasons   

South west Monsoon - (May to August)
North East Monsoon  - (November to February)




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