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International Women's Day Message

I am pleased to send this message of good wishes on the occasion of the national celebrations to mark International Women's Day 2015.

In this modern age when there are exceptional social transformations, there is much prominence given to ensuring the rights of women, with social, economic, political and ideological changes taking place worldwide to give the deserved place to women.

In keeping with our cultural background that respects humanitarian values, it is most appropriate that on this day we show our unstinted appreciation of the qualities inherent in women such as motherhood, tenderness, kindness and love, and provide ways for them to fully contribute to social progress.

We should consider it our bounden duty to recognize and value the contributions of women in all professions and areas of work in this country, of those who work under harsh conditions abroad and remit funds to strengthen the economy, as well as their great role in raising of children who will be our citizens in the future.

The policy of Good Governance brings with it a commitment to protect our women from social and domestic violence, harassment towards women, and the hazards they face from drug and alcohol related issues.

The theme of the national celebration on this day - A Better Country for Women - is wholly in keeping with the international theme of - Make It Happen - which seeks to realize the need to take the women of the world to new heights of honour and respect, and recognition of their rights through the realization of better social and environmental conditions for their progress.

We look forward to the day when the women in our country will be truly valued and obtain their just rights in - A Better Country for Women - and wish this International Women's Day and related national celebrations of 2015 every success.





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