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Council Chamber at the Presidential Secretariat. The Secretariat is housed at the historic old Parliament building, Colombo Fort.



The Mission of the President's Office is to provide an institutional framework for the exercise by Her Excellency the President of the duties, responsibilities and powers vested in the President by the Constitution and by Statute.

In the discharge of its Mission, the President's Office will be concerned with the following aspects of governance:-

  • Co-ordinating and reviewing the implementation of Government policy in all sectors;
  • Monitoring progress in the implementation of specific projects and programmes;
  • Addressing perceived public aspirations and grievances, and
  • Maintaining a watching brief over the nation's external relations.

In the discharge of their duties, the staff of the President's Office would be expected to set standards for the Public Service as a whole, in respect of diligent care for the public interest, and prompt and expeditious attention to matters arising. Their watchwords would be professionalism, integrity and transparency, which are the tenets of good governance which the President stands pledged to uphold.

Related institutions

The following institutions fall within the purview of the Secretary to the President.

  • Public Service Commission.

  • Judicial Service Commission.

  • Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration.

  • Board of Management for the Superior Courts Complex.

  • Cabinet Memoranda listed in the Agenda and Cabinet Conclusions.

  • Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery/Corruption.

  • Declarations of Assets and Liabilities.

  • The Presidential Secretariat also includes these divisions:

  • Secretary's Office

  • Administration and Finance Division (ADF)

  • Development & Monitoring Division (DMD)

  • Co-ordinating & Personal Division (CPD)

  • Policy Research & Information Unit (PRIU)

  • Constitutional and Public Affairs Division (CPA)

  • Social Sector Development Division (SSD)

  • Parliamentary Affairs and Public Relation Division (PPR)

  • Presidential Media Division (PMD)

  • Alcohol, Tobacco & Illicit Drug Policy Unit

  • President's Fund

  • Task Force for Rebuilding the Nation (TAFREN)

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