9th -10th Dec 2008
The Hague

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Time to Act:
The LTTE, its Front Organizations, and the Challenge to Europe


By Ravinatha P. Aryasinha
Ambassador of Sri Lanka to the EU,
Belgium and Luxembourg



1. Sri Lanka

2. The LTTE in Sri Lanka

3. Global Assessment of the LTTE.

4. Why is the LTTE a global challenge?

a) Suicide bomb technology
b) Global network
c) Arms and explosives procurement
d) Maritime capability
e) Rudimentary Air capability
f) Cyber terror
g) Links to other terror groups

5. How has the world responded to the rise of the LTTE?
-proscription & its limitations

6. How has the LTTE adapted to the post- proscription phase?
-front organization operations
a) Fund raising
b) Money Laundering
c) Thamil Cholai schools
d) LTTE Owned Satellite TV/ Radio and internet network
e) Criminality/ Mafia
f) International telephone network
g) Propaganda, glorification and martyrdom

7. How the world has reacted to the activities of the LTTE and its front
organizations in recent times?
a) UK
b) Sri Lanka
c) US
d) Canada
e) France
f) Australia
g) Denmark
h) Italy

8. What is the danger of not taking action now?
- Sri Lanka’s present military efforts to defeat terrorism could be wasted
- No community insured, it will reach your countries
- Ramifications abroad from the defeat of the LTTE’s conventional fighting capability

9. What more can be done ?
- TRO + proscription
- Vigilance
- Intelligence cooperation
- Criminal Justice cooperation

10. Conclusion





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