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Sri Lanka must formulate her own solution to ethnic conflict
[27 Nov 2000]

The Premier Ratnasiri Wickramanayake said, “Sri Lanka must formulate her own solution to the prevailing ethnic crisis” on Saturday, when addressing a ceremony at Horana to mark the elevation of Royal College, Horana to a National School status.  

He further stated that experiences of other countries couldn’t be planted here. Since Prabakaran is the epitome of brutality, killing his own comrades’ Sri Lankan situation cannot be compared to the situation in Ireland. 

The Prime Minister as the acting Defence Minister clearly stated that there would not be an end to hostilities soon. Therefore the government will carry the military option till the enemy is totally vanquished. 

As the enemy calls for a cease-fire when they are weak, and as this is witnessed earlier, Government will not go for that offer this time. 

Further Prime Minister stated as the Buddha Sasana Minister he had given directions for his Ministry regarding the persons who are vying for the elections of Basnayake Nilames.  They are to hold office one term and cannot hold acting Diyawadana Nilame post while out of office. He assured that this system would ensure corrupt free administration in Devalas. 

Prime Minister also stated that Cabinet has approved to establish a radio service for the plantation sector, as it will be a mode to distribute technology for that sector.







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