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LTTE very weak on warfront - Perumal
[01 Jan 2001]

The LTTE is now very weak on the warfront and under severe stress due to the mounting international pressure on them to abandon the path of violence. This is why they hurriedly declared a unilateral ceasefire, said A.Vartharaja Perumal, former Chief Minister of the North-East Province. 

In a statement issued yesterday, he said: “ Presently various sections among the people express their opinion on peace negotiations and ceasefire. It is obvious that at the moment the LTTE is the main force functioning behind this cry. Strength of the LTTE on the war front is now very weak. At the same time the LTTE is under severe stress due to international pressures and their internal crises while they lose their influence over the majority of the Tamil-speaking people. That was why the LTTE hurriedly invited the Norwegian Representative to the Wanni jungle and declared unilateral ceasefire.


The LTTE, during the past two decades has not shown any genuine desire to find a political solution to the country’s ethnic conflict that has taken the lives of over 60,000 people.


The previous attempts for peace negotiation failed as the LTTE unilaterally withdrew from the peace path.


Hence Perumal is of the view that the LTTE's call for ceasefire is for the purpose to build up their defaulted military. Once they reach this target they will undoubtedly abandon the peace process.


He further believes that peace can be achieved by implementing a political solution and creating a democratic environment in the North East.


“ LTTE, if they are really sincere and honest in negotiating a political settlement, should immediately implement the following matters.”


1.      To open the Jaffna-Vavuniya main road for the use of public purposes.

2.      To come to a peace agreement with all the Tamil political parties in order to establish peaceful and democratic environment among the Tamil people. 

3. To stop all illegal and anti-people atrocities such as conscription of the common people including children and old-aged to send them forcibly to the war front, oppressive measures on all sections of the people such as pass system, jungle law on expressing differences of opinions, no basic human rights, etc. and misusing the civil administration. 

4. To come forward to have a consultation and consensus with all the Tamil political parties to prepare a comprehensive practical alternative political package to negotiate peace process with the Government of Sri Lanka and the main opposition party, UNP. 

“ Constructive and conducive environment to pave the way for negotiations can be created by the LTTE only by accepting these requests. Then only LTTE's call for a ceasefire with the Government would become meaningful,” said the former Chief Minister. 


Finally he called upon the International community, all Tamil prominent figures including the leaders of all the Tamil political parties, the Religions and the other learned sections among the Tamils and all the democratic progressive forces in Sri Lanka to raise their voices emphatically in order to press the LTTE to accept and act upon the above mentioned issues.


 'Let us have bloodless and hopeful new year', said Perumal.



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