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'Let's protect the integrity of this land and the sovereignty of the nation' - PM
[01 Jan 2001]

We have a great responsibility as people living at the beginning of a new century and a new millennium. We have to leave some meaningful benefits for the future generation.


Let us fulfil our responsibilities for the future mankind irrespective of race, religion or class differences, Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickremanayaka said in his New Year message.

He stated : We are entering a new century and a new millennium, too, in 2001. Let's protect the integrity of this land and the sovereignty of the nation to enable the members of our future generation to live in peace.

We all have to face many more challenges in this new century. Some of them will undoubtedly be complicated issues. 

As a Buddhist I believe that the teachings of the Buddha provide solutions to every problem. Solutions to these problems could be found in other religions, too.

People, in the past, who were nurtured in religious background had less problems. They did not go against nature so nature endowed them with its blessings. The phenomenon of science and technological development should not destruct mankind today. Man should not let his values depart through his back door. 

Tomorrow belongs to our children. Let's build a future for them.



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