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LTTE suffers heavy losses since September fighting [03 Jan 2001]

The LTTE has lost 777 cadres in battles during the last three months in Jaffna peninsula, the Defence Ministry sources reported yesterday.

This includes the lost of four ‘Lieutenant Colonels’ named Irumbaraj, Shantha Kumar, Sega and Dharshan and eight other ‘Majors’.

The first military operation in September. code named Rivikirana I and II resulted in gaining six kilometres of LTTE held territory causing deaths to 304 LTTE cadres.

In mid September operation Kinihira was launched with a aim to regain the land earlier lost to the LTTE. In Kinihira I operation, the Security Forces were able to take complete control of the key junction town Chavakachcheri on the A9 Jeffna- Kandy highway re-taking two kilometres. In this battle 79 Tigers perished.

Operation Kinihira II resulted in the military regaining 10 kilometres in Madduvil North with the loss of 50 LTTE cadres. A further two kilometres were  captured in Operation Kinihira III killing 25 more LTTE members.

With the advance of the Security Forces in Madduvil south in Operation KinihiraIV six kilometres of enemy land was won back killing 32 Tigers. Operation Kinihira V yield another six kilometres and resulted in the loss of 31 LTTE cadres.

The LTTE lost 106 lives in the ‘Unceasing Wave IV’ offensive in which they were repulsed in their attempt to attack Nagarkovil.




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