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Bus fare hike by 15 per cent from Sunday
[05 Jan 2001]

The normal bus fares will be increased by an average of 15 per cent while the fare for luxury buses would be double with effect from January 7; the Transport Ministry sources revealed last night.

But the minimum fare of Rs 3 will remain unchanged, Ministry sources revealed. The Minister of Transport said that this is due to the fact that the minimum fare was increased by 50 per cent last June following a diesel hike.

However there will be no change in train fares.

Addressing a press conference yesterday morning the Minister of Transport Dinesh Gunawardena expressed confidence that a compromise agreement could be reached with bus operators to enforce a fair price hike.

He firmly believes that a 15% bus fare increase is sufficient and that it is unreasonable to demand for a 23% increase that would undoubtedly put an unbearable burden on commuters' shoulders.

The government is expecting to bring forth a new policy in order to upgrade the public transport services and to ensure the rights of the commuters.



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