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LTTE misusing Tamil Political parties says EDDP member
[08 Jan 2001]

“The LTTE is using 10 Tamil political parties to pressurise the Government through the diplomatic community to accept the ceasefire in order to regroup as they have suffer heavily in the recent confrontations.

They have already met some Ambassadors and plan to meet all the Heads of diplomatic missions of Sri Lanka’s donor countries.” said EPDP MP S. Thavarajah.

He further said that these political parties who are pressuring the Government to accept the ceasefire are mouthpieces of the LTTE.

Pressuring the Government to accept the LTTE’s ceasefire shows that the LTTE cannot face the Sri Lankan Army’s present firepower. They unilaterally declared the ceasefire mainly to recognise themselves and not because they want peace, he further added.

Since the Government rejected the LTTE’s deceptive ceasefire, they were somehow trying to pressurise the Government through Ambassadors, he also claimed.

“If the LTTE shows a genuine effort for peace they must come out with cessation of hostilities, not temporary ceasefire. Ceasefire is the silence of gun power for a certain period.”

The Tigers should show their genuineness by extending their co-operation to carry out accelerated rehabilitation and reconstruction programs in the North and East rather causing hindrance and obstruction in order to ease the hardship heaped on the people.




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