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Tigers pressurise Tamil civilians
[08 Jan 2001]

A large number of displaced Tamil civilians coming from uncleared areas to government controlled areas confessed hardships like increased taxes and forcible conscription by the LTTE stating that the LTTE is also in a difficult situation because a large number of their auxiliary force members have been killed during Kinihira-8 operation launched by the Army last week.

At the checkpoint at Piramanalankulam near 15th mile post along Vavuniya-Mannar road last week, these civilians explained their immense difficulties. 

The LTTE has again increased the taxes for passes and prices of the essential items. The most fearful thing is that the small children are conscripted at gunpoint by the LTTE, they said.

"Most of them are fleeing from the clutches of the LTTE to save their children," military sources revealed.

Also a 56-year-old father of four children who surrendered to the security forces during operation Kinihira 8 has told the security forces, that he was compelled to join the LTTE auxiliary force preventing his children being taken away by the LTTE. 

Recent reports have revealed that the Tigers have now forced to conscript elders as well for defensive purposes when the young are involved in offensive operations.

Reports from north have also revealed that several top LTTE cadres have deserted the organisation due to the intensity of the fire power of the armed forces and the severe hardships they face in isolation from their kith and kin. 

Suspicion have been raised from various quarters regarding the lack of resistance by the LTTE in the face of army assaults in the north. 

According to political observers the LTTE is said to be regrouping in the jungles for fresh offensive with their intensified conscription drives rather than counter attacking the advancing army troops.




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