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Water supply project to be introduced in North East
[10 Jan 2001]

A drinking water supply project is to be introduced and implemented by the Urban Development, Construction and Public Utilities Ministry in North and East to solve the drinking water problem.  

The main aim of the project is to supply safe drinking water continuously, to the residents of Jaffna town. Minister Mangala Samaraweera sounded this at a meeting held at the Community Water Supply and Sanitation Project Office [CWSSP].  

Since 1993, CWSSP has played a major role in supplying water and sanitary facilities in remote areas.  More than 1300 new projects, which will cover the school sector, will be implemented, to benefit two million people by 2005, Mi9nister Mangala Samaraweera said. 

Minister Samaraweera further added, in implementing the above-mentioned projects the Ministry hope to obtain assistance from the private sector to attain fruitful results.




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