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NPC welcomes President's call for peace
[11 Jan 2001]

The National Peace Council praised President Kumaratunga's willingness for a ceasefire through a recent televised address to the people of Jaffna.

She said that her government is willing for a cease-fire, provided the LTTE makes concrete political proposals towards a negotiated settlement. 

The NPC made an appeal to both parties to expedite negotiations on substantive issues. It also called on the LTTE to renounce the use of political violence, especially against non-military targets. 

The council also urged the government to reciprocate the LTTE's unilateral ceasefire with a mutually negotiated one and lift its ban on the organisation. 

The communique stated : "Given the divergent interests of the two parties, any negotiation process that accompanies a ceasefire will require a great deal of expertise, such as that provided by Norwegian facilitation, so that the mistakes of the abortive 1994-95 peace talks will not be repeated. There also needs to be an internally derived and mutually shared commitment to the peace process that is born of the belief that a negotiated peace is possible and inevitable." 

The council also stressed the absolute need for a political solution that addresses the aspirations and grievances of the Tamil people if the crisis is to be resolved permanently. Both parties should act in concert towards this end, the communique concludes. 



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