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Balasingham pleads with Britain not to ban the LTTE
[15 Jan 2001]

Just weeks before Britain’s anti-terrorism legislation comes into force, Anton Balasingham, the LTTE theoretician has pleaded with the British Government not to ban the LTTE, sources revealed.

Balasingham made his plea via the LTTE owned Tamil Guardian newspaper, which is the only LTTE English language newspaper and is published in the UK, Canada and South Africa. 

Among the reasons fabricated by Balasingham are that "a decision to proscribe the LTTE will seriously undermine the current peace process since it will erode the status of neutrality of Britain and prevent her from playing any significant role in resolving the conflict.”

However, the voluntary exodus of Tamil people from LTTE held areas to Government controlled areas proves that the LTTE is no longer considered as saviours of Tamils.

Even in Tamil Nadu, the LTTE has lost support. One cannot forget that the LTTE has murdered most of the respected Tamil leaders in North and East who had sought democratic ways to solve the problem.

The LTTE are now in deep trouble, despite Balasingham’s hero’s day speech at the London Arena in December, where he said the ban imposed on the Tigers in America have helped the Tamils who were sleeping to wake up and work very hard, helping the LTTE to get more money. “ Therefore we welcome such bans, bring it here and our people will give more money,” he said.

The world public knows that the LTTE has massacred a large number of innocent civilians including Tamils and use dirty measures to raise funds such as drug trafficking and human smuggling.

Observers say that this indicates the fear of the LTTE for possible losing of their most important international base.

The LTTE is fully aware of the catastrophe it faces in the international arena if it fails to halt the British listing of the LTTE as a foreign terrorist organisation and the domino effect it will have worldwide.



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