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Kinihira IX causes heavy losses to LTTE
[19 Jan 2001]

Security Forces fighting against the LTTE in the south of Jaffna recovered 46 Tiger dead bodies yesterday.

Troops already handed over 41 dead bodies to LTTE through the ICRC. The bodies were taken over by the Jaffna ICRC at the Gurunagar Jetty to be taken by boat to Kalmunai Point.

Meanwhile, the total number of Army casualties grew up to 235 with eight soldiers who were wounded on Wednesday. The battle raged along the Army’s defence line at Kilali and Eluthumaddval.

During clearing operations, troops recovered 38 anti-personnel mines, three communication sets, 21 T 56 weapons, an RPG, an MPMG, one 81 mm mortar tube and 156 60 mm HE bombs.






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