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LTTE cease-fire "bogus and meaningless"- SL Army 
[22 Jan 2001]

Sri Lanka Army yesterday dismissed the LTTE's threat that it would return to all out military offensive if the government failed to respond positively to its so-called unilateral cease-fire that came in to effect at midnight on December 24, which they have violated in over 50 occasions. 

Military spokesman Brigadier Sanath Karunaratne said that the army was " ot bothered at all" about the LTTE's decision.

Further the military spokesman said that from the military point of view the unilateral cease-fire by the LTTE was a tactic to avoid the ongoing 'Kinihira' operations in Jaffna peninsula. 

" The army was intelligent enough to read the minds of the LTTE. Whether the LTTE extends the cease-fire or launch fresh attacks when their unilateral cease fire period ends this week, the army will go ahead with its operations in the peninsula," Brigadier Karunaratne insisted. 

Responding further on the latest comments made by the theoretician of the LTTE Anton Balasingham on the LTTE's stand on the unilateral cease-fire, the Military spokesman said that the truce was " bogus and meaningless". 

Sources revealed that the morale of the army is very high and that the military operations will continue. 

Meanwhile the military sources said that LTTE was forced to abandon the salient, terrorists held near the Jaffna town because of the heavy losses in men and material.  




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