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No scarcity of food in the North
[23 Jan 2001]

Large stocks of food items sufficient for three months have already been stored to avoid a food shortage in the North, official sources revealed. The Government sends around 200 food lorries monthly.

The government has taken every possible step to ensure the smooth supply of essential commodities to the North. Measures have been taken to distribute dry ration and other essential goods among the displaced. The ship “Induruwavelly” is deployed to transport goods from Colombo to Jaffna by sea.

The Jaffna G.A.’s office is monitoring food supplies to the North by private traders.

Meanwhile all co-operative outlets in Jaffna have been supplied with essential food items by the Jaffna Government Agent's office, the Jaffna Government Agent, T. Vaithyalingam said. Civilians arriving from the uncleared areas of the North say that there is no scarcity of food in these areas.




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