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LTTE still have the chance to negotiate 
[24 Jan 2001]

The only option available to the LTTE now is to come to the negotiating table along with the durable, concrete political solution, instead of a self-imposed ceasefire as a means of deceiving international community, said a Government communiqué issued yesterday.

“All stratagems and plans adopted to launch a separate state are now on the wane and failing,” it points out.

The communiqué further stated that it has become evidently clear from their behaviouristic pattern that it is operating fulfil their needs by forcing the University students in Jaffna and in the east to engage in demonstrations.

The LTTE, which talks of self-determination, has not provided any liberation to the Tamil people. More than two-thirds of the Tamil population of Sri Lanka live in the South and in other areas of the country not in the North. The LTTE should take the responsibility for creating such an environment.

Entering into self-acclaimed unilateral truce declared in this fashion is an organisation that cannot extricate itself from this historical scenario. The parties who are helping and assisting the LTTE to change their real facial features have to find answers because of the questions raised in their conscience as to the fact that the LTTE is not a liberation and selfless fighting organisation.

The LTTE declared a self-acclaimed ceasefire presuming that the world has forgotten that prior to this declaration it has violated the agreement reached for the Polio immunisation of the children in Jaffna and then taken up arms.

The civilian population is strongly opposed to the war. The Jaffna citizens have now realised that the LTTE organisation being afflicted with the war mania and claiming that they are acting for their liberation has plundered their properties and belongings. 

The only wish and prayer of the ordinary peace loving people of Jaffna is that Jaffna may never be a land of death again. The Government is unhesitatingly and unflinchingly prepared to perform whatever activities that need to carried out so as not to allow civilian Tamil people’s desire to live in peace and harmony to die out. This is the paramount aim of the Government.




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