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Russia-Lanka Joint Statement- A message to international community
[27 Jan 2001] 

Foreign Minister, Lakshman Kadirgamar held official talks with Russian Foreign Minster, Igor S Ivanov January 25 while on a goodwill mission to the Russian Federation and issued a Joint Statement on combating International terrorism.

The two Foreign Ministers agreed that that the joint statement between Russia and Sri Lanka would send a clear message to the international community on the need to pool all resources in the collective struggle against one of the greatest threats to the international community.

They emphasised that the international community must realise that what countries affected by terrorism need was the implementation in good faith by other countries of international obligations they had undertaken in combating terrorisms and that the affected countries were not pleading for charity. The Ministers reiterated that countries that provided safe havens for terrorists should realise that terrorism would ultimately raise its ugly head on their soil.

Kadirgamar told Russian Foreign Minster, Igor S Ivanov that there had not been a ripple of disagreement between the two countries since the establishment of diplomatic relations 43 years ago.

Foreign Minister Ivanov agreeing with Minister Kadirgamar responded that the longstanding bonds of friendship and collaboration should be harnessed to widen and diversify the relationship in all spheres of activity.

The Russian Government was thanked for her consistent policy of supporting Sri Lanka’s unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity. Minister Kadirgamar especially referred to the generous military assistance extended over the years especially during the crucial period of May 2000 when the Sri Lankan Government was at a critical phase in its fight against terrorism.

During the visit the text of a Trade and Economic C00peration Agreement was finalised. A Double Taxation Agreement has already been signed and is to be ratified. Further, Agreements on Air Services and Investment Protection would soon be concluded.




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