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Govt. encourages agro-based export industries 
[29 Jan 2001] 

The Government will give incentives to the private sector for promoting value added agro-based industries for export, Prime Minister, Ratnasiri Wickremanayake said yesterday. 

He further said the Government would give all the encouragement to the private sector not merely to alleviate unemployment but also industrial development so that there would be economic growth. 

Speaking at the opening of ceremony of a Garcinia (Goraka) processing plant at Gonapola in the Horana electorate, the Prime Minister said that the industry was very opportune at a time when the raw Garcinia was exported in the raw form and the end product is re- exported to Sri Lanka. 

The factory processes the product and exports it to the United States and European markets in powdered form to be used as a raw material for herbal medicines.

Sri Lanka is exporting four tons of raw Garcinia per day to India and USA. Now, we will export this output in the processed form, he added. 

He also said that an individual could make over Rs.15,000 per acre per month by growing Gotukola for export. 

"The same happens to Garlic and Gotukola. So, it is up to us to determine the technology to process these agro-based products which can yield more foreign exchange to the country," he said. 

He also said that there was a huge demand for the green teas that Sri Lanka was manufacturing but there was an excess of brown teas in the export market. 

We should strengthen our value added agro industries using natural fertiliser as the world is gradually deviating from the artificial fertilisers and chemicals, which could fetch premium prices in international markets. 




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