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Court probe on Ashraff helicopter crash
[31 Jan 2001]

Mawanella Magistrate yesterday ordered the Sri Lankan Air Force, to redeem the reports of international investigations and the FBI reports, which relates to the helicopter crash that killed the former Ports Minister and several others, last year.  

Attorney-at-Law M Nizam Karaiapper appeared on behalf of the late Minister Ashraff's family and made a request to issue these reports. He has also requested for a check list inventory of the equipment and the inquest into the passengers killed at the helicopter crash at Aranayake, sources confirmed.

Sub Inspector CID informed that the control room communication has been recorded and it is available for redeeming at the court.  

The case will be called on the 13th of March 2001.  S H Asoka Wijeratne who is in Charge of the CID team, which carried out the investigation, was ordered by the Magistrate to be present before the court on the next date of the court session.  Also he is directed to present all the reports regarding the communication between the helicopter and the control room.     

Supporters of the late SLMC leader M.H.M Ashraff, recently staged a protest in Samanthurai charging that the report submitted by the Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) was unacceptable as it does not make any reference to the black box.










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