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Troops fight back Tiger attacks during "extended cease-fire"
[31 Jan 2001]

Military sources revealed that sporadic fighting continued in the Jaffna peninsula and Wanni on Sunday and Monday, forcing troops to fight terrorists repeatedly attacking the troops, violating their own " extended cease-fire."    

According to security sources, the LTTE has violated their self-acclaimed cease-fire in 49 occasions since December 24 before extending it further by another one month.

Meanwhile, in the peninsula, terrorist mortar firing had injured one soldier in Nagarkovil, while troops clearing Kilaly recovered seven anti-personnel mines and five hand grenades. In Thanankilappu and Kattirathan, soldiers recovered 82 anti personnel mines.

The engineering troops recovered a T56 weapon and a communication set while clearing an abandoned LTTE bunker in Colombuthurai.

Further, in Mannar, troops ambushed two terrorists riding a motor bike, killing one and injuring the other. 







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