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No mass graves in Chemmani
[21 Dec 1999]

Local and foreign experts investigating into the alleged mass graves at Chemmani in Jaffna have reached a unanimous decision that there are no such graves as originally alleged by the convicted prisoner Somaratne Rajapakse and others convicted of the Krishanthy Kumaraswamy rape and murder case. The team also stated that there was no evidence of grave tampering, thereby eliminating the possibility of interested parties having removed skeletal remains prior to the commencement of the investigations.

     A team of forensic pathological scientists headed by Professor C. Niriella, observed by a team of internationally recognised forensic expert observers tendered a comprehensive report outlining the findings of the forensic investigations to the Attorney General's representative Mr. Illanchelian on December 6th said the Ministry of Defence.

     Arrangements have been made to exhibit the personnel effects found alongside some of the skeletal remains to the relatives of those who have gone missing in the Jaffna peninsula. The personal effects such as clothing items would be exhibited at the Jaffna police station for identification on four days commencing on January 24th, 2000.

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