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Wednesday 31st

Patriotic Parliamentarians Platform to fight Tigers

Special committee to uplift the welfare of the armed forces

Deputy Defence Minister returns

Government assuring civilians’ welfare

Immediate action taken by Human Intervention Unit

Pickering calls for unfettered media freedom in Sri Lanka

Three months stocks of essential items available in Jaffna

Twenty Port workers interdicted on missing container issue

More LTTE suspects on Rajagiriya attack to be arrested

Tuesday 30th

US Navy and Air Force keeping a close watch on Sri Lanka

Eight policemen killed from landmine explosion

Civilians confident troops will drive LTTE out of Jaffna again - Journalist reporting from Jaffna

The Police suspect LTTE arms among cleared containers

LTTE declaration for a ceasefire to transport conscripted school children for military training

US will never recognise a separate state of Eelam says Pickering

Civilians flee after LTTE announcement for everyone under 45 years to join ranks

Tigers force residents in Batticaloa to vacate homes

Parents request Troops to save their children from Tiger clutches

Civilians in north prefer government controlled areas

Monday 29th

Troops repulse attacks despite LTTE mortar fire

ICRC vessel receives no response for disembarkation

Pickering arrives in Colombo after Delhi visit 

Govt dismiss LTTE offer for a 12 hour ceasefire

President says “No” to Jaffna withdrawal

Army Volunteers to report for active service

President invites Tamil parties on talks on constitutional reforms

Saturday 27th

UK supports Norway’s peace initiative

Intensity of Tiger attacks eased says SLA

At least 22 Black Tigers arrested

No mediation from USA

US warships moving towards the Arabian Sea

Friday 26th

LTTE's terror carnage of innocent civilians

India and US will not support separate state in Sri Lanka

President sets up Special Human Intervention facility

Presidential Task Force on Ethnic Affairs and National Integration

Around 44 containers suspected to be carrying arms missing at Colombo Harbour

LTTE allegedly smuggling arms through Thailand 

Opposition Leader charge Govt for suppressing opposing views 

Thursday 25th

Over 1000 Tigers killed in recent battles in the North, says General Daluwatte

Norway continues to stand for peace in Sri Lanka

LTTE London office 'talk link' to hit cadres revealed

RSF urges President’s intervention

President establishes a new facility to co-ordinate psychological systems for servicemen and dependents

India can persuade the LTTE to come to talks, says President Kumaratunga

US Under Secretary due to visit Sri Lanka

A haul of explosives detected near Kovil

Explosion near Norwegian embassy

Wednesday 24th

Norwegians shocked by Tiger attack on Dalada Maligawa

SLFP eastern leader escapes from LTTE suicide bomb attack

LTTE intelligence chief's plot to kill Tamil political leader revealed

Vajpayee to meet cabinet regarding crisis in Sri Lanka

LTTE winning over the UNP, Hindustani Times reveals

LTTE leader sent on a mission to Colombo arrested

Investigations into assault of Sunday Times journalist

Have healthy dialogue with free media – UNP tells government

“Homicide due to bomb explosions”- Batticaloa bomb inquest

Tuesday 23rd

UNICEF holds LTTE responsible for recruiting children as combatants

Protests against LTTE in Tamil Nadu

Norway holds talks with government and opposition

Increase in tourists at Trincomalee despite Tiger's negative propagation abroad

Sunday Leader sealed under emergency regulations

LTTE attempt to gain political platform in UN rejected

If new constitution was pushed through war might have ended earlier says Asian Age

India’s BJP disagrees with Shiv Sena’s demand to lift LTTE ban

Ban on public meetings and processions extended

LTTE leader "Lt Col" killed and another leader missing

Speculation of India’s role in SL situation

Monday 22nd

Fifteen thousand Indian troops on the alert

Kadirgamar rules out UN intervention

Youth involved in LTTE fund raising remanded

Enemy has not captured Jaffna confirms SF Commander

Tigers attack elder's home in Kaithady

Jaffna's Uthayan banned 

Saturday 20th

Canadian media strongly criticizes fund raising activities of Tamil Tigers

Indian coast guard to boost the morale of the Sri Lankan soldiers

Karunanidhi embarrass Vajpayee with statements about the LTTE 

Kathiresan Kovil Poosari's wife allegedly supplying Tiger hit squads with explosives, disappear

Top level Norwegian delegation here next week

Friday 19th

Govt condemns LTTE bomb attack on civilians on Vesak Day

09 school children among the 23 killed in LTTE bomb attack outside Temple in Vesak day

US pinching India on Sri Lankan crisis

Indian expert in anti-terrorism to advice Sri Lanka on security issues

India warns LTTE influence on the disintegration of the country

Tiger suspect receiving medical treatment reveal information on "Black Tigers"

This is not the first time that Opposition Leader issued statements on behalf of Prabhakaran. - Media Minister 

BBC TV interview with leader of the opposition Mr. Ranil Wckremasinghe

Thursday 18th

Forces drive back attacks on Colombuthurai and Kaithady

Diplomatic relations restored - Sri Lanka, Israel

How can the LTTE be the saviour of the ethnic minority community? Asks Karunanidhi

LTTE human smuggling operation busted

Police discovers hundred and twenty kilograms of explosives in Vavuniya

Tuesday 16th

PA-UNP discussions continue

The need of the hour is unification says President


MSF concerned about SLAF aerial bombing amid Tiger threats to civilians in the north

Petition challenging Govt censorship dismissed by Supreme Court 

Sangha in London thank Govt for helping Buddhism gain world recognition

Norwegian Minister sees no quick solution to Sri Lankan problem

China assures fullest support to Sri Lankan government

EPDP member killed in Jaffna

Monday 15th

India’s “ Operation Pasha” to block LTTE movements

President calls all party conference

Parents stage protest against LTTE for conscripting children by force

LTTE ban extended by India

LTTE suspect attempt to commit suicide after caught spying

Norway finds difficulty in initiating peace process

Indian Air Chief briefs Indian Cabinet on Sri Lankan military situation

India, US closely monitor Lankan situation

Saturday 13th

Govt reject rumours spread by LTTE agents

Indian newspaper urge Govt to help Sri Lanka to eliminate Tigers 'once an for all ' 

Foreign media concerned about Sri Lanka censorship 

BJP not in favor for lifting LTTE ban

Friday 12th

ICRC and Tamil Party raise humanitarian issues

China keeping close watch over India's response to Sri Lankan situation

PA, UNP decide to keep primary functions under central government

BBC Sinhala and Tamil news programmes suspended

Norway meets India to discuss Sri Lanka situation

Defence levy raised by one percent

UNP wants parliamentary war sessions held weekly

New arms supplies for Sri Lankan troops

Thursday 11th

Government’s concern over Canadian support to LTTE

India will take the lead to support

India consults with US and Norway on present Sri Lankan crisis

LTTE recruiting 10 year olds in battles – Asian Survey reveals

Kofi Annan concerned over humanitarian consequences in Sri Lanka

Muslim ministers explain to Muslim nationals the reasons for ties with Israel

Wednesday 10th

Civilian transportation at a stand still, till LTTE's guarantee for security

Rajagiriya LTTE attack : Govt officer prepared IDs for terrorists arrested

Loosing Elephant Pass a temporary set back, govt will not lose the war - General Ratwatte

Tigers show signs of pressure against SLA counter attacks

Colombo has not asked India for military intervention in Sri Lanka, says SL High Commissioner in India

"Sihala Urumaya" accuses govt of suppressing people's right to information

Tuesday 09th

Tamil Nadu Government bans pro-LTTE meetings 

Govt will not allow the Tigers to pressure Tamil civilians, says President Kumaratunga

Canadian LTTE front, mislead politicians in to a fund raising dinner

Government rejects LTTE offer for ceasefire

India wants to intervene only if both government and LTTE requests 

Discussions with Indian Air force chief on security situation

Monday 08th

38 Countries express willingness to assist Sri Lanka's conflict

India to give non-military logistical help

LTTE forcibly recruit Tamil school children to fill ranks

Indian PM to meet all political parties regarding SL conflict

Moscow backs Sri Lanka's fight against LTTE

Indian Air Force chief arrives in the country

Saturday 06th

LTTE advances towards Jaffna stopped by troops

DMK chief OKs Centres request to assist Sri Lanka

UNP stages protest rally against government regulations

SLA artillery counters LTTE mortar fire

Israel agrees to support Sri Lanka's fight against terrorism

President invites Ashraff to discuss government's stand with Israel

Buddhist prelates appeal India to help protect Sri Lanka's unitary integrity

A female suicider arrested at refugee camp at Vavuniya

British passenger force pilot to make unscheduled landing

Friday 05th

Govt troops withdrawal unlikely, fighting to continue

The Indian armed might sought to fight against terrorism not the Tamil population

Pakistan to offer political support to Sri Lanka

LTTE and other terrorist organisations use Canada as operation base

Tough laws in fight against terrorism

India's air force chief on a five day visit to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka resumes diplomatic ties with Israel

India rules out arms assistance to Sri Lanka - Indian Prime Minister

Total censorship on media : UNP condemns tough new laws

No Special Cabinet debate on Elephant Pass debacle

Thursday 04th

LTTE forces overseas Tamils to contribute to capture A9 Highway

India rules out military assistance to Sri Lanka

Six youths arrested in credit card purchases : Possible LTTE links

Country on war footing to defeat the LTTE : President Kumaratunga appeals the nation to join hands

President Kumaratunga seeks Indian aid

Nine escaped patients interrogated by police

Wednesday 03rd

India's Janatha Party leader calls for Sri Lanka to merge with India to resolve ethnic crisis

Tiger mortars aimed at hospital and police failed to hit target

Sihala Urumaya questions security situation

STF recovers bomb weighing 30 kg at Kalawanchikudi

Around 42 bodies of troops to be handed over by LTTE 

Trust the people and tell the truth: crisis talks at Temple Trees

Eleven Tigers killed in battle

Tuesday 02nd

Suspected LTTE terrorists brought from Jaffna, escape after admitting to National Hospital

Buddhist priests want India to help fight Tigers

Tigers to hand over 50 bodies through ICRC

Drug traffickers operating in Halawatha coastal area


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