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Friday 30th

Last day of discussions

Solheim sees positive signs emerging

Largest anti-LTTE campaign by Sri Lankans in Canada

Muslims protest against the LTTE

Around 18,000 postal workers poised to launch campaign

Clinton sends US-Sri Lanka Extradition Treaty before US Senate

Warsaw Ministerial Conference - 'arresting terrorism needs collective efforts'

Thursday 29th

Tigers kill another two Tamil political activists

Five civilian crew members still missing

ECD acting within existing legal framework

President's birthday

Arrested suicide bombers help police to track down female colleague

UNP’s Working Paper on the new constitution

Satana Editor’s killers arrested 

Wednesday 28th

Tigers shift gears in propaganda

Eight member sub committee appointed

Norwegian special envoy here for talks

Grenade hurled at ‘Save the Children’

Tuesday 27th

Essential items destroyed on the ‘Mercs Uhana’

19 organisations appeal foreign Governments to ban LTTE

Govt rejects Island news report

Tigers sink vessel preventing civilians from getting essential items

PA-UNP agree on Interim Council for five years 

Time span on Sunday Leader ban reduced

Multipax allowed to function

Monday 26th

Censorship regulations reviewed

Identification parade for Kumar Ponnambalam killing

Tigers preparing for another attack on Jaffna

Special LTTE hit team on crippling missions in Trincomalee

EPDP and PLOTE welcome decision for interim council 

TULF asks LTTE to make serious effort

Funds to finance terror campaigns says Advani

Sri Lankans in Rome stage Anti-LTTE protest

Saturday 24th

Tigers collecting funds in Netherlands through Eelam Telecards

Anti-LTTE campaign to shut down Tiger offices in UK

Providing shelter to those who are sheltering the nation

Government accepts UNP's proposals on Independent Polls, Police and Public Services Commissions 

Friday 23rd

Government clarifies news reports on interim council

Stop the war, then participate in the council – President tells LTTE

Asylum-seekers top the European list boosting LTTE fund raising  

Ban on India’s MDMK and PMK sought 

Mother of LTTE political wing leader arrested over Ratmalana bomb attack

Lankan illegals warned by Aussie Minister

Sinhala Urumaya to contest in elections to defeat govt's referendum

Monk’s call brings back hundreds of deserters

Thursday 22nd

LTTE talks of obligations - bloody murders continue in the north by Tigers 

Amnesty accuses LTTE of deliberate and arbitrary killings of civilians

Tigers launch major campaign to build up lost image

The Ballot Box fight : Why do Muslims matter to the LTTE?

Cyclist victim not the bomber 

LTTE Intelligence leader killed

Tiger threats cause exodus

Proposals will be presented to LTTE

LTTE’s responsibility to give up terrorism

Sihala Urumaya to launch inaugural rally today

Wednesday 21st

No operations will be waged on Thai soil by any terrorist group says Thai Government

SLA rejects news about Army Chief's visit to Pakistan

Muslims reject LTTE offer to share Eelam

Riddle over military spare part packages in warehouse solved

Rupee devalued : Exporters welcome depreciation

LTTE Eelam offer for Muslims, a plant on the internet

Rana Viru Seva Authority

Pro-LTTE Tamil Nadu leaders worried over poor response for Tamil Eelam

Join the Armed Forces - help us protect our country, says govt

Tuesday 20th

Foreign Minister warns against the spread of terrorism

Canadian Tamils want to sue National Post

"Prajathanthra" asks Britain to take serious action against LTTE fund raising

Over ten Tiger suicide bombers arrested during search operation

Lethal weaponry container found at Wattala warehouse

UNP charges state media of resorting to misinformation campaign 

Inland Revenue makes record tax collection

UN Working Group stresses need for investigation

Monday 19th

Canada’s Sri Lankan community demands an end to Tiger fundraising

The Government not prepared to have Interim Council with LTTE

Amidst protests from parents LTTE continues to conscript children

India reiterates continued commitment to unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Sri Lanka

Sihala Urumaya demands the government to withdraw proposals on Interim Council

The euphoria has paved the way to anxiety

Welfare centres to assist displaced civilians

Hospitals fall ill due to cuts in water, electricity and telephone

Ban on "Sunday Leader " will continue

UNP will decide this week

Saturday 17th

Norway welcomes Indian involvement

Amnesty opposes Switzerland move to deport Tamils

LTTE uses Canadian Public Schools for fundraising

All Police Stations on a vigilant mission

No extension for discussions on Constitutional Reforms

Thursday 15th

ICRC says, Attack on Medical Transport is a violation of the International Humanitarian Law

Kumar Ponnambalam's killer nabbed

Wednesday 14th

LTTE suicide bomber misses target

Tigers continue to take vengeance from farmers

LTTE form new battalion using abducted children and civilians

LTTE suicide bomber targets Air Force Bus transporting patients Report]

LTTE tell students not to attend schools

Children needs LTTE permission to go to school

Sinhalese in UK demonstrate outside PM's residence

Canada cancel two meetings of Tiger celebrations

Tuesday 13th

Tiger cover blown off after discovery in Thailand

Minister's speech few minutes before his assassination

TULF wants lasting solution to the Tamil question

Diesel price increases

Tigers under pressure as military weapons are unloaded at northern ports

India wants joint request to involve itself politically

Sri Lanka-Indo Joint Statement

Internal dispute among LTTE leaders

Tamil teacher also involved, says police

Bill presented to Parliament to restrict electronic media

Britain speed up deportation of asylum seekers

Monday 12th

Talks now on at President's House with Indian Foreign Minister

Contributions to the Armed Forces

Movement of troops and civilians taking place without hindrance

Tigers attempt to hobble Canadian newspaper 

Jaswant Singh in SL for top level talks

Postal service for SL armed forces and police

World's biggest electronic book published in Sri Lanka

Tigers continue looting shops and houses in the East

Attempt for peace despite LTTE bomb attacks

Saturday 10th

Canadian Funds back terrorism says CSIS Chief

Nation bids farewell to the late minister and his wife

Karunanidi's formula would lead to a "Balkanisation " of India says an Indian Minister 

Purawasi Peramuna now a registered patry 

Friday 9th

LTTE execution of Tamil politicians and innocent civilians

Two businessmen and woman arrested over C.V attack

Cyber War Memorial for Armed Forces Personnel

Around 64 arrested over C.V bomb blast

Minister's wife dies after a 24-hour battle for survival

Thursday 8th

Offer to supply arms and ammunition to Sri Lankan Forces

Thailand vow to cooperate on Tamil Tiger threat

Sri Lankan separatist in the US prevented from rewriting history

Tamil civilian executed for refusing to join LTTE

Mahatma Gandhi's grandson as new envoy to Sri Lanka

Minister Gooneratne killed by an LTTE suicide bomber

C.V. campaigned for solving the problems and grievances of the Tamil people : President

Minister was actively participating to collect funds on War Heroes Day

UN Secretary-General condemns LTTE suicide bomb attack in Colombo

Tamil politician shot dead by LTTE gunmen

LTTE suicide bombing provokes international protests 

Britain condemns LTTE for human rights violations

Govt appeals public to stay calm

Tigers kill Tamil youth refused to join ranks

Wednesday 7th

Death toll 21 and injured 60 from Ratmalana LTTE suicide bomb attack

Fundraising for Tiger terrorism taking place in Canada despite High Commissioner’s denial

Civilians trapped in Thennamarachchi due to Tiger activities - ICRC

A large number of children conscripted by the LTTE

Cabinet Minister and 09 others killed in LTTE suicide bomb attack

Karunanidhi's remarks : Tamils cheer, Sinhalese lash out 

Opposition attack Karunanidhi's czech model as Tamil separate state

Every citizen of this country should live in dignity and harmony says President

Pay gratitude to War Heroes says Deputy Defence Minister

Message by the Commander of the Sri Lanka Air Force

Message of the Navy Commander

A message from the Commander of the Army on the occasion of the Heroes Day

Salute our war heroes who fight for us

Tuesday 6th

Govt don’t intend having elections under censorship, assures President

Foreign media censorship lifted

No proof of Tigers collecting funds in Canada – Canadian authorities claim

Forces help civilians living under LTTE control to cross over

Finance Minister explains gas price hike 

Partitioning Lanka as Czech model would result in `balkanization' of India, Media Minister

'Sihala Urumaya’ files petition against police in Supreme Court for violating fundamental rights

UNP charges government of using emergency for dictatorial activities

Tiger suspect reveals infiltration of woman Tiger gang

LTTE hidden arms cache discovered by police

Monday 5th

New Israeli boats and weaponry systems to fight Tigers

33 LTTE Lt. Colonels, 60 Majors killed during military operation - Major Gen. Janaka Perera

LTTE bomb attack at a religious ceremony in Vavuniya Kovil 

4000 more troops for Jaffna - General Anuruddha Ratwatte

Families reject LTTE call to leave their homes 

Ranil pays Prabhakaran a glowing tribute

LTTE needs more hands to fight says The statesman

Two men abducted by Tigers for refusing to pay ransom

US to take necessary steps against terrorism

Sri Lanka should agree for a Czech and Slovakia republic “territorial separation” - Karunanidi

Saturday 3nd

Thai security stumbles on a midget submarine being built for LTTE 

Ban on meetings and processions lifted

Special Presidential Committee for Housing and Skills Development of Service Personnel

Friday 2nd

Tourism in Sri Lanka - unbelievable propaganda against reality

The goal of the Tamil Tigers is illegitimate and unattainable - Globe and Mail Toronto editorial

Tara de Mel appointed as Chairperson Ranaviru Sevana 

Jaffna bustling, despite the occasional attacks by LTTE in civilian areas

India’s PMK and MDMK asked to stop supporting LTTE

Sri Lankan government and the LTTE to negotiate soon 

ICRC ready to assist Army

Two Tigers shot dead following attack on police

Thursday 1st

LTTE continues to manipulate civilians' tranquility

Tiger arms deals in Thailand – Thai officials confirm 

President meets National Committee on Civil Defence

Possibility of censorship being eased soon - Media Minister 

Indian authorities to monitor unregistered SL Tamils

Devolution of power better than brokering ceasefire says India

Sihala Urumaya held its first meeting

India and Sri Lanka work together on devolution package

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