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Monday 31st

Civilians evacuated from homes due to Tiger attacks

Special Cabinet meeting today on constitutional reforms

Britain first western country to enact legislation against terrorism

India extends credit line to Sri Lanka

Business Council to make Sri Lanka the "Cyber Island"

Saturday 29th

Minister Dharmasiri Senanayake bids farewell to the nation

Minister Kadirgamar requests Britain to Ban LTTE

Direct dial phone links to Jaffna

Friday 28th

Sun god’ recruits children to fight for Eelam

Tamil student sent by LTTE leader to conscript school children arrested

Vavuniya : LTTE behind students protest - Police

Discussion on PA-UNP consensus to be held

UNP wants govt. to place draft reforms before sangha

Peace Council wants international pressure

Purawesi Peramuna launches campaign

Thursday 27th

Ex-Tamil militants involved in human smuggling racket

ICRC sign agreement to escort civilians in "CITY OF TRINCO" to Jaffna

Buddhist priests and laymen to launch massive protest against reforms

UNP to make decision regarding continuation of PA talks

Thirty-six LTTE suspects arrested in Kataragama

Tamil youth arrested at Calcutta airport probed for possible LTTE links

Airforce jets destroy LTTE training camp

Wednesday 26th

UNP backs down from support to constitutional reforms

Around five suspected terrorists deported

State funeral on Saturday

Killed Tiger intelligence leader planned to assassinate 03 Army Generals

Export sector earns Rs. 147 billion in from January to May 2000

UNP in fear of party leadership

Policemen questioned on dealings with hardcore criminals

Tuesday 25th

Arrested LTTE suicide bomber disclose “major attack plan” on Colombo Port 

Tamil parties likely to contest under an alliance

Party leaders tell Mahanayake’s not to worry

Relatives of missing servicemen, request permission from the government to visit Wanni

Minister Dharmasiri Senanayake passes away

Sihala Urumaya vow to begin mass protest against reforms

Investigation to probe Sunday’s crash

Monday 24th

LTTE plans to terrorize Colombo during elections

Prof. Peiris assures Mahanayakes regarding Buddhism clause

A 10-year north-east merger deal on offer

US training among Army’s strategic line up

Air force trainer jet crashes at BIA

‘Don’t vote for proposed constitution’- Mahanayakes tell Sinhala MPs

Sri Lanka's per capita GNP improving says President

Retired Army General arrested for violating human rights 

Woman detained on alleged secret meeting 

Saturday 22nd

Vavuniya : Tigers launch operation to sabotage public transport

Ranil walks out of PA-UNP talks

Sri Lanka today South Asia's most open economy says World Bank report

LTTE has infiltrated the underworld, says Police

Major issues still unresolved, says TULF regarding yesterday’s talks

Friday 21st

PA-UNP talks to discuss Tamil party proposals

Swiss consider accession to UN Convention

Tamil official involved in human smuggling racket quizzed in Canada

Thailand says no to LTTE

President appoints Public Service Salaries Commission

Army denies Major having LTTE links 

EPDP disappointed over Ranil’s absence

LTTE kills ex-cadre

Tiger bomber assigned to blast oil tanks arrested

Thursday 20th

‘Tigers have exploited Canadian hospitality’ says Canadian envoy

‘Present the proposed constitution to Buddhist Clergy’ – UNP tells govt

Tamil child rapist arrested in Canada, wanted in Britain

Top female LTTE cadre caged

JVP protest against G-8 summit

Ranil denies secret talks with LTTE

Wednesday 19th

Two new Tiger offices in Geneva and Lausanne

Madhu church attack was by LTTE

Bomb hits Trinco night train 

Elderly civilians conscripted by LTTE

Wijepalan aided the LTTE with arms

Tuesday 18th

Govt. optimistic of all party support to implement new constitution

Vessel confiscated by Thai authorities similar to one found in SL

Buddhist leaders demand govt to protect Buddhism in new reforms

GL talks with UNP on discussions with Tamil parties

SB discharged with warning

UNP expects to continue debate on media reforms with the government 

Monday 17th

President assures ratification of new constitution

Guidelines to relax media censorship

UK under secretary advises all Tamil parties to unite with Government in  peace process

Lanka enhances ties with Pakistan

Govt stops rice imports

Parents of POWs threaten to walk into Wanni

Accomplices wore around 5 lakhs worth jewellery – Police reveal

Saturday 15th

PA- UNP delegations to brief Tamil parties

'Mercs Sajinda' to replace 'Mercs Uhana'

Norochcholai power project cancelled

Underworld gang leader shot dead

Friday 14th

Civilians in Jaffna intensifies their protests against the LTTE

Parents have reported of child recruitment - UNICEF

Anti-LTTE feeling building up among civilians in Jaffna - Tamil Human Rights group 

British Under Secretary visits Sri Lanka to discuss ethnic conflict

Suspected woman terrorist indicted

MEP and UNP Alternative Group to back People’s Alliance

Five LTTE suspects detained

Thursday 13th

A Housing Scheme for Service Personnel

Government to brief Tamil parties on the consensus 

Thanking friends who lend a hand in need

Hindu priest’s driver dead- LTTE connections confirmed

Tiger bunker builder captured in Colombo

SL ranks high in immunisation ratings

SLMC to contest independently in forth coming elections

PLOTE, EPDP also stands with TULF

Wednesday 12th

Sealed coffins for child LTTE soldiers

Jaffna Civilians have become hostages in their own homeland

Sihala Urumaya not content with proposed peace proposals

TULF wants amendments in several critical areas

Jayalalitha wants DMK, PMK and MDMK out

Tuesday 11th

‘The worst crisis in Jaffna is over’ President tells Asahi Shimbun

The door remains open for talks with LTTE says the President

Bishop Malcolm calls for cessation of hostilities

Pistols used to kill Satana Editor recovered

Media Minister visits Czech Republic

TULF expresses view of including LTTE in  peace process

Monday 10th

Proposed new constitution to be presented today in parliament for Tamil political parties

Demonstrators urge Canada to stop Tiger fund raising

TULF rejects new proposals

Ronnie talks from London  

Strengthening economic cooperation through BIMST-EC

Assistance sought on Satana Editor’s murder

Saturday 08th

Historical PA-UNP talks a success

'I have placed the country before the party' - Ronnie

Bail for Chemmani suspects

More than 2,000 army deserters rounded up

Friday 07th

Opposition Leader turn up late for PA-UNP talks

Tigers infiltrate Colombo under guise of patients

LTTE wants India to lift ban

North-East civilians starting to resist the LTTE

Govt deny mishandling World Bank money

Ronnie de Mel virtually crosses over

PA-UNP talks reach an end today

UNP takes action against Ronnie

Thursday 06th

LTTE kills another Tamil group member on Black Tiger Day

Former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister demand ban on MDMK

Thailand plans to ban LTTE activities

Lankan special envoy holds talks in India

Mannar Civilians ignore LTTE call to honour Black Tiger Day

Bomb targeted at underworld gangster

Minister requests private sector to increase wages

Vavuniya-Mannar highway to be rehabilitated

Wednesday 05th

Gangodawila courthouse bombed

Youth line up to join the forces

Indian package to end fighting 

Civilians warned of "Black Tiger" anniversary

Every electorate to have UNP army of 500 

Lankan envoy arrives in Delhi for talks

Tuesday 04th

Constitution transition the next hurdle at PA-UNP talks

Tamil parties not surprised by LTTE's rejection of peace proposals

Pakistan ready to help Sri Lanka combat terrorism - General Musharraf

India re-iterates stand on LTTE issue

Authorities deny allegations of Tamil deportees

No rift in BJP’s Tamil Nadu allies – Indian Home Minister

The real roadblock to negotiations is the LTTE – The Hindu

Ponnambalam’s killer not identified

Monday 03rd

Residents of Jaffna strongly condemns LTTE attacks

LTTE turn down peace proposals

Demonstration to urge Canadian govt to stop LTTE activities

Tamil parties urge Norway to persuade Tigers for peace talks

Saturday 01th

PA-UNP talks on Constitutional Reform a success

Local Elections will change into Ward Systems

Supreme Court lifts censorship on Sunday Leader

Government announces special relief package

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