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“Sri Lanka First - It’s Now or Never”- Business community
[September 5, 2001 - 12:10 GMT]

A group of Sri Lankan business leaders launched an unprecedented countrywide campaign to mobilise mass support to stop the war immediately.

The campaign “Sri Lanka First-It’s Now or Never” will initially speak to the masses through the print and electronic media to urge the political leaders to give prominence to matters of national importance in their agenda putting aside party interests. 

“The cost of no peace is higher than the cost of war,” is the central message in urging an end to hostilities.

“All what we are saying is; It’s time people openly asked for peace in one voice,” the business leaders said.

“The war has caused severe destruction. The July 24 incident was a wake up call to the nation and it was also a high point in the protracted war. Every citizen wants the war to end and we in the business community are taking this initiative to mobilise such peace loving people to tell the politicians to stop the war and start talking,” Jagath Fernando, Chairman, John Keells Holdings said.

“The country needs to put aside everything else and work together for peace,” he added.

Addressing the gathering of business leaders, the Chief Executive Officer of the National Development Bank said, “A growing number from all walks of life are more determined that something needs to be done to put an end to it. The problem we are facing is that while every politician or party says it is for peace, they can’t get together to discuss a solution. There are different solutions proposed, hence parties must get together. As long as they meet and talk there is hope.”

The business leaders also expressed their willingness to support all initiatives taken towards achieving consensus among the main political parties and re-establishing peace in Sri Lanka.




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