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Scholarships from the Netherlands
[September 6, 2001 - 11:10 GMT]

Scholarships are to be granted by the Netherlands Management Cooperation Programme [NMCP], to Sri Lankans in Agricultural enterprises, local industry and service organisations, with the assistance of the Government of Netherlands and Federation of Employees of the Netherlands.

“Many companies and institutions in Sri Lanka feel the need for specialised knowledge in a range of fields that includes management, quality assurance, financial and fiscal personal policy, marketing, logistics, technology, research and development, thus, NMCP will contribute to develop a social market economy to create more job opportunities by providing personal and direct advice to companies and organisations in Sri Lanka,” said S P C Kumarasinghe, the Representative of the NMCP in Sri Lanka. 

NMCP has assisted industries in Sri Lanka over several years in the sectors of rubber, leather, electronics, wooden furniture, meat processing, confectionery [chocolate], cheese making, childcare, pottery and ornamental fish breeding.



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