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Cuba supports fight against winged terrorists in Sri Lanka 
[September 22, 2001 - 9:30 GMT]

The first samples of the agent – BTI [Bacillus Thurungencis] were provided by the Cuban government free to fight the mosquito menace in Sri Lanka. The donation was made on a government-to-government basis in response to a request made by the Health Ministry.

Field tests are also being carried out with the assistance of a Cuban expert on a countrywide scale. The initial tests carried out in the Kurunegala district, have proved 80% positive. With the success achieved in the tests, the ministry which spends Rs. 300 million every year on the battle against mosquito diseases like dengue, malaria, filariasis and Japanese Encephalitis, has placed a large order for the Cuban mosquito eradicating bacillus. 

This bacillus will replace the three months’ active malathion, which is being used by the Colombo Municipal Council regularly. The Colombo Municipal Council has already introduced 200 litres of bacillus on a third of the length of the city’s canals.




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