Flood scare again 

[July 11, 2003 - 10.30 GMT] 

Heavy rains have once again inundated the urban areas of the Island Thursday, especially in the vicinity of the Kalu Ganga [river] in the Ratnapura district yesterday. By evening these areas were almost 17 feet under water after hours of downpour. The area was hit in May this year by devastating floods which left at least 200 dead and more than 85, 000 families homeless.

It is also reported that in addition to the Kalu Ganga, other rivers in the area are also on the rise. Many highways around Ratnapura were hit by minor floods, which brought road transport to a standstill.

Many areas where persons displaced just two months ago were re-located were also going under water according to yesterday’s report.

There have been no fresh reports of heavy rains today.






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Last Updated Date: July 11, 2003  - 10.30 GMT.


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