LTTE not complying with MoU: SLMM

[July 15, 2003 - 10.00 GMT] 

The Scandinavian Monitors overseeing Sri Lanka's truce said Tamil Tiger rebels were not complying fully with the terms of a peace agreement with the government and they would demand an explanation. 

The Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM) brought in to monitor the Ceasefire Agreement (CFA), signed by the Government of Sri Lanka and the LTTE February last year, gives independent rulings on violations committed by either party.

Despite the monitors' rulings, the LTTE has failed to dismantle a new camp in Kinniya division, just south of the eastern Trincomalee port, which the monitors ruled was built in government-held territory. The LTTE is still refusing to vacate the camp.

''We said it should be removed immediately and they have not complied. Both parties gave the SLMM certain authority to rule. When one of the parties does not comply with our rulings, then we need to re-consider the CFA. The Government side has always obeyed the rulings '', Hagrup Haukland, deputy head of the SLMM told PRIU today.

Under the terms of the Norwegian-brokered truce, combatants are not permitted to build camps or carry weapons in areas controlled by the other side. 

The 17-month ceasefire paved the way for direct talks between the Government and the Tigers aimed at ending the two-decade war over a separate state. The peace process has been in limbo since April, when the LTTE suspended negotiations and refused to attend the Tokyo aid conference in June, demanding an Interim Administration. They refuse to resume talks with the Government until this specific demand has been met.






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