It is time to end correspondence and begin discussions says Cabinet spokesman

[October 16, 2003 - 9.15 GMT]

The LTTE’s proposals for autonomy to the Northeast of the Island will reach us by the end of October said Prof. G. L. Peiris today. He was speaking to journalists at the weekly briefing.  

The confident cabinet spokesman said, “The way forward is to begin face to face discussions, it cannot be done through further correspondence.”  The Norwegian facilitators will make arrangements for the resumption of talks he said.

Peace talks between the government and the LTTE began in September last year in Thailand consequent to the Ceasefire Agreement in December 2002. After six rounds of talks, the LTTE unilaterally pulled out in April this year, citing the slow pace of rebuilding in war-torn areas.

The LTTE also laid down its condition to resume talks; they wanted the government to agree on an interim administration for the Northeast and the powers of supervision vested with them. The Government offered a series of proposals but they all failed to satisfy the LTTE’s requirements. Since August this year the LTTE has been meeting with its legal experts in Paris, Dublin and Oslo to finalize proposals for greater autonomy to the NE region, which they claim as homeland.







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Last Updated Date: October 16, 2003  -9.15 GMT.


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It is time to end correspondence and begin discussions says Cabinet spokesman