SriLankan Airlines punctual

[December 11, 2003 - 7.30 GMT] 

SriLankan Airlines this year has been consistently achieving nearly 90% punctuality inflights departing within 15 minutes of their scheduled time said Sampath Perera, Manager PIC, Recruitment and Emergency Response Planning. According to SriLankan Airlines this measures up to the highest standards in the international aviation industry.

The airline began concentrating on improving its punctuality with the formation of a Punctuality Improvement Committee (PIC) in August 1999. The PIC meets daily to investigate the causes of any delays.

 “This is an excellent standard for any airline, especially when one considers that SriLankan has been expanding its route network rapidly, flying more aircraft more frequently to more destinations,” said Perera.

The PIC discusses daily on flights during the 24 hours preceding its daily meetings, ensuring that there is no laps in time between the delay and investigation.

The PIC, which is chaired by the airline’s Chief Technical Officer, is comprised of representatives of all operational areas of the airline, which means any department that could cause a delay.

“The PIC’s task is to find the cause of a delay and recommend action that will ensure that the cause of a delay does not recur,” said Perera. “We focuses on preventive action, and our recommendations are circulated among all departments which need to institute changes in order to prevent delays.”








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SriLankan Airlines punctual