Globalization does not benefit rural masses -Kadirgamar
[July 16, 2004 - 10.20 GMT]

The main challenges faced by Sri Lanka are market reforms and the response to the economic crises according to Lakshman Kadirgamar. The Foreign Minister was speaking to the joint Conference of the Commonwealth Business Council and the Royal Institute for International Affairs, in London yesterday.

In his keynote address on ‘Corporate Cooperation to Post Conflict Recovery’, Kadirgamar said that over time, commerce and conflict have often marched together, because the object of war had been territorial conquest aimed at the acquisition and exploitation of one’s neighbour’s wealth.

“In my part of the world, the recent Parliamentary General Elections in India and Sri Lanka sent a clear warning to ruling establishments that the much vaunted benefits of globalization were not trickling down to the millions who constitute the rural masses”, he said.

The Sri Lankan FM further said Governments should take a lead role in combating poverty and addressing the problems faced by the agricultural and rural sectors as well as small and medium enterprises.








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Last Updated Date: July 16, 2004  - 10.20 GMT.


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Globalization does not benefit rural masses -Kadirgamar

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