Special bank accounts for relief funds 

[December 28, 2004 - 9.55 GMT]

The Presidentís Office and the Government request that all monies destined for the victims of Sundayís disaster be sent directly to the two special bank accounts opened by the Presidentís Office for this purpose detailed below:

1)  Central Bank of Sri Lanka
     Account number: 4669

2)  Peopleís Bank
     Head Quarters Branch 
     Account number: 204100190136245
     Account name: Presidentís Fund for Disaster relief

The government requests all state institutions and government authorities not to open separate bank accounts to collect funds. Individuals and institutions could send all monies collected to the above account.

Relief supplies and other material collected maybe delivered directly to the affected areas in consultation with the Disaster Management Unit (DMU) at the Presidentís Office.

The Unit can be contacted on the following telephone numbers:

011- 2 435082
011 -4 733531
011- 2 437362
011 -4 733427

The DMU could also arrange for relief supplies to be collected in Colombo, when contacted.

All donations of funds or relief supplies will be distributed to all the affected areas the South, East and North of the island, in a fair and equitable manner depending on the needs of the area.




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Last Updated Date: December 28, 2004 - 9:55 GMT 


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