Declaration of the EU on Post Tsunami Relief and Reconstruction
[January 14, 2005 - 09.00 GMT]

[PRESS RELEASE] European Union Heads of Missions (EU HoM's) recall the overwhelming European support and sympathy for Sri Lanka to overcome the tragedy following the Tsunami disaster.

The EU HoM's call upon the Government, all political parties and the LTTE to actively promote a fair distribution of relief assistance to the victims of the Tsunami disaster, irrespective of their political affiliation, religious and ethnic background. It is essential that there will be no politicisation of relief efforts.

The EU HoM's strongly urge all stakeholders to seize this opportunity for peace building and reconciliation. The EU HoMís urge all parties to co-operate to sustain the support and goodwill demonstrated by Sri Lankans and the international community.

The EU HoM's call upon all parties to refrain from any actions during the distribution of humanitarian aid that might have a potential negative impact on the peace process.

The EU HoMís believe effective and appropriate decentralisation is necessary for a successful relief and reconstruction operation.

The EU HoM's will impress upon their partner organisations to ensure that relief and reconstruction aid is allocated to all victims of the Tsunami independent of their political, ethnic or religious background. The EU HoM's call for the establishment of an independent and multi stakeholder monitoring mechanism to review proceedings and will further support the UN system in co-ordination and monitoring.

[This press release has been issued by the Royal Netherlands Embassy in its capacity as local representative of the EU presidency.]





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Declaration of the EU on Post Tsunami Relief and Reconstruction
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