Relief funds transferred to the Central Bank
[January 20, 2005 - 8.00 GMT]

In the immediate aftermath of the Dec 26th disaster there was a surge of donations from well-wishers from here and overseas to the President’s Fund. The President’s Office then set up a separate Fund for Disaster Relief at the People’s Bank to receive these donations.The Funds accrued as at 17 January 2005 to these two accounts have now been remitted to the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.

The total funds thus transferred from the President’s Office is Rs. 207,003,757.21(Rupees Two hundred and seven million, three thousand and seven hundred and fifty seven and cents twenty one).

These funds have now been credited to the ‘National Fund for Disaster Relief’ opened at the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. All monies in this account will be utilized to fund the proposed rehabilitation and reconstruction program.







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Last Updated Date: January 20, 2005 - 8.00 GMT


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Relief funds transferred to the Central Bank