Government’s post tsunami work
[January 25, 2005 - 11.00 GMT]

The Government wishes to clarify the work it has done towards post tsunami humanitarian relief and rehabilitation efforts. 

President Kumaratunga and the government in the aftermath of the tsunami disaster decided upon an inclusive and consensus driven approach to the gigantic humanitarian relief and reconstruction task facing the nation.

Based upon that, the President invited leaders of all political parties represented in Parliament to join the national level All Party Committee overseeing the humanitarian relief and rehabilitation effort and invited the LTTE to join towards this humanitarian endeavor.

The Peace Secretariats of the Government and the LTTE have always maintained regular dialogue on matters of mutual interest and since the December 26 disaster co-ordination of post-tsunami relief and reconstruction have been the main topics of dialogue.

After receiving the President’s letter inviting them to participate in humanitarian work, the LTTE’s response was to agree to discuss the matter, while the two Peace Secretariats at a technical level, have been exploring ways and means of achieving this objective.






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Last Updated Date: January 25, 2005 - 11.00 GMT


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Government’s post tsunami work