Education for all via ‘Open Schools’ 

[May 19, 2005 - 10.30 GMT]

A ground-breaking concept to assist school dropouts to return to formal education has been devised by the National Institute of Education. The first such in Sri Lanka, these ‘Open Schools’ will come into being under the National Programme of Education for all. These ‘ Open Schools’ on the lines of ‘Open Universities’, will provide an opportunity for those who lost out on a formal education and are now employed, to  continue their school education. 

These ‘Open Schools’ will primarily lay more emphasis on secondary education. The concept will be later extended to include Primary and Vocational Training. These Open Schools are popular in the developed countries as well as in neighboring India and some East Asian countries.  

In 1994 the People’s Alliance Government launched much needed reforms to the educational system in the country. Several measures were introduced to develop the schools and to enhance the quality and dignity of the teaching profession. During the past ten years there has been a range of innovative reforms introduced in the education sector. President Kumaratunga yesterday (May 18) officially inaugurated the ‘Open Schools’ project at a ceremony in the President’s House.  

The President said imparting knowledge to a group of persons of different age groups, with different educational needs under this new ‘open school’ concept will be an intricate process. Nevertheless the President assured no effort will be spared to achieve the expected targets. The education authorities have been directed to secure the guidance of local and foreign institutions and academics. 

The Open School Department of the National Institute of Education (NIE) and the Faculty of Education For All have begun working on the course material. Much research and several workshops have been conducted in this regard. 






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Education for all via ‘Open Schools’