WHO recommends Nepal to follow Sri Lanka’s health system 

[Wednesday, December 19, 2007 - 06.50 GMT]  


The World Health Organisation (WHO) has recommended Nepal to obtain Sri Lanka's advice to formulate its health sector development policy, Health Ministry sources said.


According to WHO recommendation, Sri Lanka will provide assistance to Nepal for its health sector development.


The sources said initially Nepal made a request from the WHO to obtain assistance from Japan but the WHO recommended Sri Lanka stating that Sri Lanka has the best health sector development in South East Asia.

According to sources, the WHO made the recommendation considering the high quality health service and advanced health sector development in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka was not affected by epidemics like Ebola, Avion influenza and SARS while it is also among the countries which has the lowest HIV prevalence rate.


Sri Lanka is also close to the total eradication of polio, TB, Malaria and other diseases while it has the lowest maternal deaths, infant mortality rate and low weight child births in the region.









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Last Updated Date: December 19, 2007 - 6.50 GMT


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WHO recommends Nepal to follow Sri Lanka’s health system  


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