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Construction of Sampoor Coal Power Plant to commence in June
Construction of Sampoor coal power plant will commence in June, Ministry of Power and Energy said.

The Plant is expected to provide 1000 MegaWatts (MW) to the national grid and that the first stage of the project will provide 500MW to the national grid by 2012.

A total of 700 acres of land has been earmarked for the project and the surveying will be completed by April. The construction will begin thereafter, the Ministry said.

The construction work of the proposed coal power plant will be carried out by the Indian Company NPTC under the supervision of Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB).

The first phase of the construction is estimated to cost US $500 million and 70% of the cost is expected to be covered by foreign aid while the rest is to be provided by the CEB and the Indian Company.

"About one million tons of coal per year is to be imported and this coal is regarded 99.2% eco-friendly. A jetty is to be built at Sampoor to unload the coal from the ships. The government believes that the project would contribute to economic development in the district and it would provide 4000 job opportunities," a Power and Energy Ministry statement said.

The statement also assured that the project will adhere to all necessary environmental standards.





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