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Thursday, July 03, 2008 - 6.05 GMT
LTTE at its last stand – Strategy Page


With more and more civilians living in North sneaking into government controlled areas, the LTTE has mobilized everyone and everything for what appears to be a "last stand," said Strategy Page.

“Most of the Tamils in the north don't want to be part of that, but opposing the LTTE can get you killed. So those who can, are fleeing,” said the leading website on military affairs.

According to Strategy Page most of the LTTE recruits are poorly trained, led largely via threats to themselves and their families and suffering from low morale. There is little ammo, because of the navy blockade and the destruction of most of the LTTE boats. The government artillery and air force are finding more targets, thanks to the interrogation of captured or deserted LTTE fighters, and the long range army patrols inside LTTE territory.

By containing the LTTE to a small portion of the northern coast, the rest of the country has prospered. GDP was up 6.8 percent last year, and is headed for a seven percent increase this year, it further said.






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