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Thursday, April 16, 2009 - 08.30 GMT
British and French FMs say LTTE holds civilians as human shields


It is clear that the LTTE has been forcefully preventing civilians from leaving the conflict area and we deplore their determination to use civilians as a human shield. We do of course continue to call on the LTTE to renounce terrorism and lay down their arms as a necessary element for a long-term solution, said the British and French foreign ministers issuing a joint statement on the situation in Sri Lanka yesterday (15).
“We welcomed President Rajapaksa's announcement on 12 April of a pause in the Sri Lankan government's military offensive as a first step towards the protection of civilian life”, the statement issued by the Foreign Office said.
The statement also urged the LTTE to lay down their arms and allow civilians to move to safety.

Miliband and Kouchner urged both sides to abide by their obligations under international humanitarian law and to do everything they could to protect civilians, including allowing "unimpeded access" to humanitarian agencies.
"France and Britain, as two members of the Security Council, continue to support the active engagement by the UN and by other members of the international community on this urgent issue," they said.





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