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Thursday, May 07, 2009 - 12.04 GMT
Pro-LTTE attack on Chinese Embassy, London


Chinese Embassy in Central London came under attack by LTTE supporters this morning (May 7). Itís reported that nearly 150 LTTE supporters held a demonstration near the Chinese Embassy in Central London. After with they tried to force their way into the embassy, and began hurling rocks and debris, smashing the windows of the building.

It is estimated that at least 12 windows were badly damaged. The demonstrators were waving LTTE flags with the tiger symbol.

The demonstrators then continued to march to Parliament Squire. The London Police reported 3 persons were arrested and later released on bail.

On April 13th they attacked the Sri Lankan High Commission. And also the Indian High Commission that cause extensive damage to the latter.

Pro- LTTE demonstrators in Norway also attacked the Sri Lankan Embassy in Oslo on April 27th causing extensive damage to the premises.





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