May 2009

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Watch webcast of HRC Special Session on Sri Lanka
You can now watch the webcast of the UN Human Rights Council’s Special Session on Sri Lanka. [Full Story]
Another medical team from India for IDPs
A medical team of 27 doctors including a surgeon and a pediatrician and paramedics were sent to Sri Lanka by India for the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in North, The Hindu reported today (29). [Full Story]

President congratulates Nepalese Prime Minister
The new appointment of Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal takes place at an important juncture for Nepal. [Full Story]

US and world must help Sri Lanka re-settle IDPs
- US Congressman
The standards at the IDP camps where Internally Displaced are accommodated are much higher contrary to what had been reported in the US, and the international community should cooperate with the government in reconstruction efforts by increasing aid. [Full Story]
Conditions of the IDP centres are good and impressive
- US Congress delegates
The US Congress delegation say they saw that the standards of the relief villages where the Internally Displaced are accommodated are good and impressive, and of a much higher standard than described by some media. [Full Story]

We preserve right to decide modalities of relief – Sri Lanka at UNHRC
“We are receptive to international cooperation and assistance, however, as the affected State we have to preserve our right to decide the modalities and mechanism by which we would address these issues. They must be home-grown. [Full Story]

More funds to develop the East
Sri Lankan government has allocated Rs.1270 million to develop the Eastern province under "Naganahira Nawodaya" project. [Full Story]

Never seen so much horror as in last few days under LTTE
- Tamil public servant
“Since we were ordered by the LTTE to shift out of Kilinochchi in November deeper into the Tiger-held territory in Vanni, I have lost count of the number of times I was displaced. [Full Story]

UNHRC Special Session
Sri Lanka carries it with big majority
The Sri Lankan resolution that opposed foreign interference in the internal affairs of a country, which was expanded from 17 to 29 paragraphs to make it a consensual resolution, was adopted with a clear majority of members of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva last night (27). [Full Story]
Russian President assures continued support to Sri Lanka
Russia will continue to assist Sri Lanka for the restoration of peace and reconstruction of the country, said the President of the Russian Federation Dmitriy Medvedev, in a telephone conversation with President Mahinda Rajapaksa, today. [Full Story]
Deep cracks in LTTE abroad
Strong divisions have emerged among Tamils resident abroad on the future of the LTTE and claims to its leadership. [Full Story]

Double standards on Sri Lanka by West - Indonesia
Indonesia accused Western countries of applying double standards for their rights violation probe into Sri Lanka's final offensive against the Tamil rebels, comparing to the situation in Sri Lanka to that in Palestine and Afghanistan, according to local media on Tuesday, said Xinhua, China, today, May 26. [Full Story]

Japan Extends Additional US$ 1.4 million to North
Japan has decided to extend additional grant aid totaling US$ 1.4 million (approximately Rs.160 million) for humanitarian de-mining activities in Jaffna, Killinochchi and Vavuniya through DDG (Danish De-mining Group) and the HALO Trust. [Full Story]

Democracy gets opening in Jaffna & Vavuniya
The Government has taken steps to hold Local Government elections for the Jaffna Municipal Council and the Vavuniya Urban Council, in a bid to restore the democratic rights of the people in the North. Nominations for the election will be announced on June 4. [Full Story]

India on alert for LTTE cadres
There is a possibility of LTTE terrorists entering India through the sea and the Tamil Nadu government has been sensitized about it, said Home Minister P Chidambaram. [Full Story]

Vietnam donates US$30,000 for IDPs
Vietnam welcomes the recent victory of the Government and people of Sri Lanka. [Full Story]
Ambassador Dayan firms Afro-Asian support for Sri Lanka in Geneva
An address by Sri Lanka’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Geneva, Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka where he criticized the sponsors of the Special Session on the humanitarian situation in Sri Lanka as “Western Colonizers” who refused to consult with the Asian bloc, brought strong support from Asian, African and Middle Eastern countries for Sri Lanka. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka - Australia agreed on combating Transnational Crime
A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Sri Lanka Police and the Australian Federal Police (AFP) on combating Transnational Crime including Terrorist Offences and Developing Police Co-operation was signed recently in Colombo. [Full Story]

Govt. invites Sri Lankan’s abroad and Migrant Working Community to invest in SL
The government invites Sri Lankan’s resident abroad and the Migrant Working Community to invest in the most secure and high yielding Treasury Bills and Treasury Bonds in the Sri Lanka while contributing to the development of the nation. [Full Story]

Eelam Tamils warn India and IC
With the military defeat of the separatists LTTE in Sri Lanka and the death of its leader Velupillai Prabhakaran accepted a pro- LTTE Tamils abroad who label themselves as Eezham Tamil community have warned India and the International Community that they invite trouble if they do not support the political war to Tamil separatists. [Full Story]

Emulate Security Forces to rebuild nation – Secretary to President tells Public Servants
All public servants should dedicate themselves towards rebuilding the Nation considering themselves as true patriots… as people who loved the country they should work hard in a dedicated manner to assist the national rebuilding effort. [Full Story]
Govt. & UN agree on post-conflict challenges in Sri Lanka
The Government of Sri Lanka and the United Nations are agreed that in the new post-conflict situation, Sri Lanka faces many immediate and long-term challenges relating to issues of relief, rehabilitation, resettlement and reconciliation. [Full Story]
President honoured with highest honour in land
President Mahinda Rajapaksa was conferred Visvakeerthi Tri Sinhaladheesvara, honour by the Chief Incumbents of the Malwatte and Asgiri Chapters, the highest title that one born in the motherland could have, expect for the leadership in the battle to defeat terrorism. [Full Story]

IDPs: Govt. already acting on agreed areas of priority
– President to Ban Ki-moon
The Government is already giving the highest priority to the issues raised by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon with regard to the massive influx of Internally Displaced Persons held hostage by the LTTE, and matters that have arisen following the defeat of LTTE terrorism, said President Mahinda Rajapaksa at their meeting at President’s House, in Kandy today. [Full Story]
The world now sees the path we took against terror was correct – President
Many are the obstacles placed in our way in this struggle. It was no walk on a bed of roses. [Full Story]

More opportunities now for better Indo-Sri Lanka ties
– President to Indian Prime Minister
Sri Lanka's recovery from the destruction wrought by terrorism will, I am confident, open up even more avenues for our two countries to further deepen and strengthen their bilateral cooperation. [Full Story]

Italian Bishops donate Euro One Million for war victims
Italian Bishops’ Conference donates One Million Euros for the war victims in Sri Lanka, which has been made through the intervention of Archbishop Malcolm Ranjith now serving in the Vatican. [Full Story]

President wisely ignored international calls for ceasefire - Wall Street Journal
President Mahinda Rajapaksa wisely ignored international calls for a ceasefire as he got closer to victory, including threats from the Obama Administration to block $1.9 billion in International Monetary Fund aid money, states the Wall Street Journal commenting on the defeat of terrorism in Sri Lanka. [Full Story]
Let us be magnanimous in victory – President
"At a time when we seek to embrace all of our people as members of a single nation, the celebration of this victory, as deep as it is felt, should be expressed with magnanimity and friendship towards all," ... [Full Story]

What International Community?
For the past several months Sri Lanka has been the focus of attack by the “International Community” as it exercised its sovereign right to eradicate terrorism from its soil. [Full Story]

Flow of praise for defeat of terrorism
President Mahinda Rajapaksa and the Sri Lanka government continue to receive praise and good wishes from many countries and national leaders for the successful defeat of terrorism in the country. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka and India focus on relief for IDPs
Sri Lanka and India are agreed that with the end of military operations in Sri Lanka, the time was opportune to focus attention on issues of relief, rehabilitation, resettlement and re-conciliation including a permanent political solution in Sri Lanka. [Full Story]

India assures maximum assistance for IDP relief
India has expressed readiness to give maximum assistance to Sri Lanka’s programmes to provide relief and early resettlement of the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) due to terrorism of the LTTE. [Full Story]

HRC session on Sri Lanka ill-timed and unwarranted – Human Rights Minister
The convening of a special session of the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) to discuss ‘The human rights situation in Sri Lanka” is ill-timed and unwarranted is the view of the Sri Lanka Government. [Full Story]
Japan offers help for peace building
Japan is among the first countries to welcome the defeat of the separatists Tamil Tigers and the end of hostilities in Sri Lanka. [Full Story]

Prabhakaran's body found - Army Chief
Commander of Sri Lanka Army General Sarath Fonseka confirmed earlier today, May 19, that the body of V. Prabhakaran, psychopathic leader of world's most ruthless terrorist outfit Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) has been found. [Full Story]

Second attack on Sri Lankan Embassy in Netherlands
The LTTE international terror network struck again on the Sri Lanka Embassy in the Dutch capital in the early hours, May 16. It was the second such attack on the Sri Lanka Embassy in the Dutch capital, The Hague within a week. [Full Story]

LTTE mob attack on World Health Assembly, Geneva
Pro-LTTE mob entered the UN compound through the main gates despite security resistance, while Minister Nimal Siripala De Silva, the newly elected President of the WHA (World Health Assembly), ... [Full Story]

Terrorism defeated: writ of Parliament now throughout Sri Lanka – President
The Motherland has been completely freed from the clutches of separatist terrorism. From now on it is only the laws enacted by this sovereign Parliament that will be in force in every inch of Sri Lanka, ... [Full Story]
Forces end task of liberation
“On the morning of today- May 18 we have carried out fully the task entrusted to us by His Excellency the President of liberating Sri Lanka from the terrorism of the LTTE.” [Full Story]

Prabhakaran believed killed in bid to flee troops
Defense sources say that the bodies of LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran and the Intelligence Wing Leader Pottu Amman are among those killed while trying to flee the advancing troops. [Full Story]

President to address Parliament tomorrow
The President will address Parliament at the ceremonial opening of its next session at 9.30 am on Tuesday (19), when he is expected to make an important announcement on the defeat of the LTTE, ... [Full Story]

Bodies of Charles Anthony and three top LTTE leaders found
Sri Lanka Army special forces troops have found a body suspected to be of Charles Anthony and another three bodies of key LTTE leaders identified as Nadeshan, Pulidevan and Ramesh, during the mop up operations in the last LTTE foothold, Karayamullavaikkal area this morning, May 18. [Full Story]
President returns
President Mahinda Rajapaksa went down on his kneews and worshipped the Motherland on his return to Sri Lanka at the Bandaranaike International Airport this morning (May 17).  [Full Story]
"I return to my country freed of LTTE barbarism"
- President at G-11 Summit
“I will be going back to my country Sri Lanka that has been totally freed from the barbaric acts of terrorism of the LTTE. This freedom comes after 30 long years”. [Full Story]

When the camera lies for terror
In the past few days the international media has been full of alleged pictorial evidence, mainly through video footage, of what they claim to be scenes of the "massive humanitarian crisis" said to be occurring in the north of Sri Lanka, where the LTTE is holding thousands of Tamil civilians hostage. [Full Story]

Coastline free of terror
More civilians flee to freedom
Troops of the Sri Lankan Army’s 58 and 59 Divisions have linked on the coast of the No Fire Zone in the North of Sri Lanka, freeing the last coastal stretch from the LTTE. [Full Story]
Humanitarian mission forges ahead
Troops rescue over 3700 civilians : more coming
In its continuing humanitarian operation in the North of Sri Lanka, Army troops rescued more than 3700 civilians held hostage by the LTTE as at last evening, May 14. [Full Story]

Rescue all Tamil civilians near at hand
- President Mahinda Rajapaksa
The freedom of the Tamil civilians held hostage by the LTTE is near at hand and the rescue of all civilians in the small patch of land held by the LTTE will be done in 48 hours. [Full Story]
President warmly received at the Queen Alia International Airport-Jordan
His Excellency President Mahinda Rajapaksa was received by the Minister of Industry and Trade of Jordan, AmerHadidi at the Royal Pavilion of Queen Alia International Airport today (14). [Full Story]

US gives further $6 million to IDPs
The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), through the Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA), has donated $6 million (Rs.720.5 million) for non-food aid assistance to provide short-term, life-saving interventions for IDPs in the North. [Full Story]

LTTE's shocking use of banned weaponry
LTTE terrorists are preparing the worst slaughter of civilians ever witnessed by the civilized world in modern times with the systematic use of hostages as a weapon of mass destruction, said defence observers commenting on the unfolding human tragedy at Mullivaikkal. [Full Story]

Troops ready for final operation
Sri Lankan troops who pushed 800 meters deeper into the New Safety Zone, Wednesday, May 13, are now set to launch a major operation to rescue civilians held hostage by the LTTE. [Full Story]

LTTE forcing residents to be human shield - Asahi Shimbun
Facing certain defeat, the LTTE has chosen the desperate course of forcing local residents to effectively act as human shields, says Asahi Shimbun in its editorial today(14). [Full Story]

Presidential Task Force on Northern Development
A 19-member Presidential Task Force was appointed by President Mahinda Rajapaksa for Resettlement, Development and Security in the Northern Province. [Full Story]

Troops rescue 1300 more civilians today
Troops of the Sri Lanka Army now sweeping around the new Civilians Safety Zone were able to rescue nearly 1300 civilians held by the LTTE shortly after noon today, May 14.  [Full Story]

Security Council members agree Sri Lanka’s right to combat terrorism
Members of the United Nations Security Council, have strongly condemned the LTTE for its acts of terrorism over many years, and for its continued use of civilians as human shields and acknowledged the legitimate right of the Government of Sri Lanka to combat terrorism. [Full Story]

President Rajapaksa at G-11 Summit in Jordan
Sri Lanka will be represented by President Mahinda Rajapaksa in the Lower and Middle-Income Countries (G11) Summit to open in Jordan today, May 14. [Full Story]
Czech Minister appreciates Government’s improvement of security
The Czech Deputy Foreign Minister, Madam Bambasova congratulated the Government on the improvement of security in Colombo, since 4 years her last visit to Sri Lanka. She said so at a meeting held at the Foreign Ministry yesterday, May 12. [Full Story]

Pro-LTTE attack on Sri Lanka embassy, Netherlands
A pro-LTTE group, supportive of the LTTE’s international terror campaign, attacked the Sri Lanka Embassy in The Hague, the capital of the Netherlands 11th May, at around 10.30.p.m. [Full Story]

Speaker and MPs condemn pro-LTTE hijackers of Parliament Square, London
British Members of Parliament on both sides of the aisle in the House of Commons have joined in condemning the pro-LTTE Tamil demonstrators who many agree have hijacked Parliament Square and are obstructing free access by MPs to Parliament. [Full Story]
“Terrorist group is part of Toronto demonstrations”
- Conservative government
The presence of pro-LTTE groups dominating demonstrations in Toronto, Canada is giving an impression that all Tamil demonstrators are supportive of a terrorist group, say several political and government leaders of Canada. [Full Story]

“Hospital hit” another fabrication - Military
Sri Lankan military sources describe as yet another fabrication the news item prominently carried on some international media that a hospital has been shelled inside the conflict zone, killing at least 45 persons, according to LTTE and alleged hospital sources. [Full Story]

Hands off Sri Lanka - Palestinians
"Hand off Sri Lanka" say the Palestinians in unison angered and dismayed by the sinister manipulations and arm-bending tactics of some self-centered politicians of the West against Sri Lanka, one of the friendliest nations of Palestine. [Full Story]

UN Security Council refuses to discuss Sri Lanka
New York, May 12 - Top diplomats from Britain and France were rebuffed Monday when some UN Security Council members refused their request to discuss the fighting in Sri Lanka, which conflicting media reports said more than 400 people were killed during the past weekend. [Full Story]

Catholics pledge support to government
A delegation from Caritas, Sri Lanka-Sedec led by the Most Rev. Dr. Oswald Gomis, Archbishop of Colombo, pledged their complete support to the government in providing relief to the IDPs who have left LTTE held territory and come to government areas in the Vanni. [Full Story]

The great “bloodbath” lies: manipulation by media and pro-LTTE pressure groups
The Government of Sri Lanka categorically denies reports attributable to sources aligned with or under duress from the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) as to supposed civilian casualties in the no-fire zone in north-eastern Sri Lanka. [Full Story]

UN spokesman on mat for adverse remarks
The UN Spokesman in Sri Lanka, Gordon Weiss, is to be summoned to the Foreign Ministry for questioning over his comments to the international media that there was a bloodbath in the No Fire Zone. [Full Story]
“LTTE are terrorists”
- British MP Malcolm Bruce
The Tamil Tigers have assassinated many many Tamils including those in and out of government and the opposition parties, ... [Full Story]

Pro-LTTE demonstration endangering children
- Toronto
Pro LTTE demonstrators in Toronto, Canada have endangered the lives of children by putting them on the front line of a protest. They have closed down the important Gardiner Expressway in downtown, Toronto. [Full Story]

Another 1000 civilians break out of captivity
Defense sources have reported in that over 1000 civilians broke out of the conflict zone at the Mullaitivu end over 24 hours, ending noon, May 11. The LTTE sentries, initially overwhelmed, recovered and opened fire on the fleeing civilians. [Full Story]
Pro-LTTE attack on Chinese Embassy, London
Chinese Embassy in Central London came under attack by LTTE supporters this morning (May 7). [Full Story]

Teachings of the Buddha given utmost place in our governance system - President
The doctrine of Lord Buddha demonstrates the correct path to life. [Full Story]

Friendly countries must keep pressure on LTTE to surrender and release hostages
- President to DPLs
As members of the international community, friends of Sri Lanka need to bring pressure to bear on the LTTE to lay down arms and surrender. [Full Story]

The Tamil Tigers have reaped what they have sown – Jonathan Kay, Canada
Much as many Tamil-Canadians claim that the Sri Lankan government is engineering a “genocide,” the greatest threat to the country’s Tamils has been their professed protectors, states Jonathan Kay, ... [Full Story]

Three Canadians convicted for LTTE support
The trial of three Canadians accused of traveling to New York in 2006 to buy anti-aircraft missiles and assault rifles for the LTTE ended on Tuesday, the Canadian Media reported. [Full Story]
Aid appeal for IDPs
The United Nations and the Government yesterday (05) announced the launch of a $50 million appeal to meet the urgent humanitarian needs of the rising number of civilians fleeing the LTTE grip, states in a statements issued May 05 by the U.N. Headquarters, New York. [Full Story]

President invites Ban Ki-moon
President Mahinda Rajapaksa has invited the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to Sri Lanka to see for himself the situation regarding the action for the accommodation and treatment of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) who have recently come to government controlled areas in such large numbers, and plans for their resettlement. [Full Story]
Be cautious of LTTE’s false information
- President tells British delegation
It is necessary to be cautious of the false information spread by pro- LTTE groups and sections of the media and to know that the LTTE used donations made so far for their military needs, said President Mahinda Rajapaksa at Temple Trees today. [Full Story]

Ceasefires don’t work with LTTE - Foreign Minister to Canada
The LTTE had used the pause in military operations to strengthen its fortifications in the Civilian Safety Zone and actively prevented civilians from leaving. [Full Story]

“Attack on Army convoy is a dangerous trend”-Chidambaram
Indian Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram on Monday said the attack on an Army convoy in Coimbatore by a group was a “dangerous trend” that needed to be viewed seriously. [Full Story]
Tamil Nadu: Playing politics with Tamil lives in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka's beleaguered Tamil community deserved better from Tamil Nadu. [Full Story]

Accept responsibilities of election - President to WPC members
The repeated victories in elections show that the people endorse the path taken by our government and that they believe the country is going in proper direction. [Full Story]

Japan to donate $4 mn for IDPs
The Government of Japan decided to extend emergency grant aid of up to 4 million dollars (412 million yen) as assistance for internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the North of Sri Lanka. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka ready to reach full economic potential – EU Envoy
"Sri Lanka is ready to re-brand itself and to take off at this time, to reach its full economic potential”, said Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Belgium, ... [Full Story]

More arrests in pro-LTTE attack on Indian Army convoy
At least 20 persons have now been arrested in connection with the attack on an Indian Army convoy in South India, by pro-LTTE groups, reports from, Coimbatore state. [Full Story]
LTTE should allow IDPs to leave – Akashi
“Heartwarming that Sinhalese are collecting aid for northern IDPs”
We hope that even now the LTTE will change its attitude and let the IDPs in areas it still holds move to other areas, as several thousands of others had already done, ... [Full Story]
Foreign funded weapons killing Tamils seeking freedom from LTTE
- President
“It is with weapons obtained by funds provided by Tamil people abroad to the LTTE that the Tamil civilians fleeing for freedom were attacked. [Full Story]

“Commitment to free my people remain”
– President to Akashi
President Mahinda Rajapaksa told the visiting Special Envoy from Japan, Yasushi Akashi, that he was firm in his own commitment and that of his government to free the Sri Lankan Tamil citizens who remained being held as hostages by the LTTE. [Full Story]





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