June 2009

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All party input for Development & Reconciliation
President Mahinda Rajapaksa has decided to appoint an All Party Committee for work related to all aspects of Development and Reconciliation in the country.  [Full Story]

Aussies suspect LTTE fighters among Lankan boat people
Australian fears that ex-LTTE fighters may be passing themselves off as refugees will lead to the latest boatload of unauthorized arrivals - believed to be Tamils - being subjected to a particularly rigorous security screening process, reported The Australian today (June 30). [Full Story]

Chinese grant US$ 891 mn for Norochcholai
Sri Lanka is expected to gain a major boost to its power sector with the completion of the Norochcholai coal power project, already under construction. [Full Story]

Priority for child rights in IDP centers
With the government giving high priority to the welfare of children in the IDP welfare villages, special teams have been deployed to carry out urgent activities for the protection and care of displaced children. [Full Story]

Lanka-India undersea power cable pact soon
Sri lanka and India are to sign an MoU to study the feasibility of laying an undersea cable to connect the power networks of two countries. [Full Story]
Jaffna having new experience with election
After three decades of war, the people of Jaffna are having a new experience of democracy during the current local election. [Full Story]

US Travel Advisory aimed to undermine Sri Lanka
The Sri Lankan government yesterday said the US warning of potential for possible terrorist attacks a month after the end of war, aimed at discouraging US citizens from visiting Sri Lanka, was part of US strategy to undermine the country. [Full Story]

Major role for Maga Neguma in Northern development - President
“Maga Neguma (the road development project) has a big role to play in satisfying the aspirations of the people released from LTTE terrorism. [Full Story]

Pakistan helps rebuild railway tracks
The Pakistan Railway Advisory and Consultancy Services (PRACS) signed a $2mn agreement with Sri Lanka for rehabilitation of railway tracks damaged in the war, training of railway employees and modification of the rolling stock. [Full Story]

Sri Lankans’ peace march in London
Thousands of Sri Lankans representing all major nationalities and religions, organized under ‘Sri Lankans Against Terrorism (SLAT) UK’, took part in a peace march in London, last Saturday, June 27. [Full Story]

Rajapaksa brothers’ strategy saw the fall of Prabhakaran
The chronic political one-upmanship in Colombo over the Eelam war between the two national parties — the UNP and the SLFP — which had contributed largely to the growth of the LTTE and the prolongation of the war, was contained by the Rajapaksa administration. [Full Story]
Defeat of LTTE – victory of one of Asia’s oldest democracies
“The end of the Sri Lankan conflict should be seen for what it is: a victory of one of Asia’s oldest and most established democracies over one of the great scourges of our time: terrorism. [Full Story]
Lanka gets membership of Egmont Group
The Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka obtained membership of the Egmont Group, at its recent annual meeting in Doha, Qatar.  [Full Story]

Madhu Feast on grand scale after 33 years
Catholics are ready to celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Madhu without any fear after 33 years. Under state patronage all arrangements are being made to hold the "Annual Madhu Feast" on a grand scale on August 15. [Full Story]

New employment opportunities to people in East
The Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLFEB) will open a new office in the East to promote foreign employment opportunities to the people in those areas, a press release issued by the Government Information Department said yesterday. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka strongly supports international measures against terrorism and spread of WMD
“Consistent with its own policy position, Sri Lanka has strongly supported international measures relating to counter-terrorism as well as preventing of the proliferation of WMDs. [Full Story]

SL calls for defects correction in world financial system
Sri Lanka on Thursday calls on the international community to correct the defects of the existing world financial system in order to support sustainable economic development and international market stability, ... [Full Story]

Need to relax travel advisories on SL - Slovenia
With the defeat of terrorism, countries needed to relax the travel advisories on Sri Lanka, which Slovenia is in the process of doing, said Charge d’ Affaires of Slovenia, Miklavz Borstnik during his two day visit to Sri Lanka on yesterday (June 25). [Full Story]

Colombo conference on cooperation in security challenges
The conference hosted by Sri Lanka to discuss regional approaches in meeting non-traditional security challenges and enhancing border security provided useful in the evolution of regional institutions to meet new security challenges, including terrorism and other transnational threats. [Full Story]
Jaffna and Vavuniya polls on Aug 8
The elections for the Jaffna Municipal Council and the Vavuniya Urban council are to be held on August 8th, the Election Secretariat said. [Full Story]

Large hauls of war materials recovered from Kilinochchi and Mullaittivu areas
Sri Lanka Army Troops of the 57 Division recovered 09 T-56 Assault rifles during a search operation conducted in Kilinochchi area yesterday (24). [Full Story]

Govt. committed to resettle IDPs in six months
The government reiterated its commitment to resettle in six months all IDPs now staying in relief centres, after their release from being held hostage by the LTTE. [Full Story]
Uva polls on August 8
The Uva Provincial Council election will be held on August 8, the Election Secretariat said. [Full Story]

Sri Lankan –India: More regular contacts
A Sri Lankan delegation led by Senior Presidential Advisor Basil Rajapaksa, Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapakse, and Secretary to President Lalith Wiretunge are scheduled to meet with Indian delegation led by National Security Advisor M K Narayanan, ... [Full Story]

Sri Lankan and Malaysia Airlines in new code share deal
Sri Lankan Airlines expanded its code share deal with Malaysian Airlines increasing its reach to the United States, Australia and Asia-Pacific sectors. [Full Story]

Higher education for war displaced-Rs.1058mn
The Government has launched projects worth Rs.1058 million to provide higher education facilities to children of the displaced from terrorism in the North, funded by the ADB and the World Bank, under the ‘Uthuru Vasanthaya’ Northern Development Program. [Full Story]

LTTE remains banned in US – State Dept
“The U.S has designated the LTTE as a foreign terrorist organization since 1997 and that designation remains in effect because of their consistent use of methods that both deliberately and indirectly target civilians. [Full Story]

World Bank provides more support to Health Care
The World Bank yesterday (June 23) approved a US$24 million International Development Association (IDA) credit providing further support to the Government of Sri Lanka’s health service delivery program, ... [Full Story]

Pakistan donates $70,000 for IDPs
Pakistan’s Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani on Tuesday directed Pakistan’s High Commissioner in Sri Lanka to present a cheque of $70,000 to assist the internally displaced persons (IDPs) of Sri Lanka. [Full Story]

We have ended need for Travel Advisories that crippled Tourism
– President
This is a momentous phase for the Tourism Industry. With terrorism defeated after three decades, our people can now travel freely in our motherland. [Full Story]
Sri Lanka - good opportunity for Malaysian Investors
Sri Lanka, fresh from its success in eliminating rebels in the north and east of the island, is inviting Malaysian investors to join efforts to rebuild its war-shattered zones that need at least US$4 billion ... [Full Story]

Govt to set up DECs in North and East
The Government has taken steps to set up four Dedicated Economic Centers (DECs) in Batticaloa, Kilinochchi, Medawachchiya and Jaffna within this year to provide essential commodities to the people in the North and the East at concessionary rates. [Full Story]

War materials found from Thoppigala and Sooriyadi
Special Task Force troops of the Kalavanchikudi camp recovered the following military items in a search operation conducted in Thoppigala ... [Full Story]

Solar powered phone booths for IDPs
The Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (TRC) has planned to set up solar powered coin operated telephone booths in welfare centres in the North for the benefit of displaced civilians to formulate their daily needs. [Full Story]

Resettlement of IDPs well under way
The first phase of the overall relief, resettlement and livelihood support in the immediate-term 180-day programme for northern IDPs is well under way. This plan is to provide relief to resettled persons and the populations of Northern Province.  [Full Story]
US could learn lessons from Sri Lanka's victory- Washington Times
Sri Lanka recently emerged victorious from one of the world's longest-running conflicts, once termed an "unwinnable" war with the LTTE. [Full Story]

President launches Road Map to Promote Spoken English Skills
The Road Map to Promote Spoken English Skills in Sri Lanka, the accelerated English Teacher Training Program, aimed at training 22,000 English teachers in Government schools to deliver Spoken English courses to students within 18 months, [Full Story]

Search operations yield more LTTE weapons
At present, troops deployed in the former LTTE dominated areas in Wanni are engaged in a systemic search for the underground armories, mines, booby traps in order to make the areas safer for the resettlement activities. [Full Story]

Student charged of supporting LTTE loses extradition appeal
A University of Waterloo student has lost his appeal to avoid extradition to the United States on charges he supported the LTTE, an internationally recognized terrorist group. [Full Story]

President has no intention to hold office beyond peoples’ mandate
President Mahinda Rajapaksa firmly believes in the peoples' mandate and the voters' franchise rights, and has no intention to be in power beyond the period mandated by the ballot, ... [Full Story]

Govt moots IDP forum
The Government is to create a new forum to discuss IDP protection issues. [Full Story]

Focus on home-grown economic strategies - President
Sri Lanka’s future economic strategies would be based on “home-grown” policies which would supplement the unique needs of the country, said President Mahinda Rajapaksa addressing new recruits to the National Planning Service of the Finance and Planning Ministry at Temple Trees on Saturday. [Full Story]

Government removes fishing restrictions in North
The government has decided to remove fishing restrictions in the north to increase production and marketing, ... [Full Story]
Sri Lanka and Maldives agree on intelligence sharing
Sri Lanka and the Maldives have reached agreement to share intelligence and exchange information on the flow of funds that may be linked to terrorist activities. [Full Story]

War materials recovered in Batticaloa
The Police recovered the following war materials in a search operation conducted in the Thonitattamadu-Vakare area yesterday (18):101 T-56 Weapons, 05 Mortar Launchers, and 03 Commando Mortar Launchers. [Full Story]

Iran, Sri Lanka Sign $106mln Power-Transfer Agreement
An Iranian private company inked a 106-million-dollar agreement with the Sri Lanka government on the transfer of electricity to 1000 villages in the South Asian country, Fars News Agency reported. [Full Story]

War-risk rating of Sri Lanka for insurance down graded
The Sri Lankan insurance market has received a boost with the Joint Cargo Committee (JCC) London lowering the risk rating from 3.4 to 3.0, following a reassessment of the war risk level currently pertaining in Sri Lanka. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka bourse among world's best performing markets
Sri Lankan shares jumped 2.61 percent yesterday (18), to become one of the best-performing bourses among the world stock markets after a global recession, with top blue chips hitting over one-year highs. [Full Story]

Tamil protest in London ends after 73 days
The 73-day protest of Pro-LTTE Tamils in the UK demonstrating over the alleged plight of Tamils in Sri Lanka has ended. [Full Story]

“There will be no undeveloped villages in future”  - President
“Irrespective of all differences of caste, religion or nationality, at present the most important obligation on all Sri Lankans is to work together to build up the nation, which will never again demarcate villages with tags such as ‘threatened’ or ‘border’. [Full Story]

Israel gives humanitarian aid to IDPs
Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) has dispatched a shipment of humanitarian aid to assist the people of Sri Lanka. [Full Story]
Threshold of a new era of development and national integration
- Secretary to the President
“We are at the threshold of a new era of development and national integration. As President Mahinda Rajapaksa has emphasized during the past few weeks, some sections of our population will not be considered minorities, and all are the same.  [Full Story]

TRO Chairman further detained
The Chairman of the Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (TRO), Velupillai Shivanadgar and another member of the organization, Eliyathambi Threshakumaran who were arrested by the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) are further detained under detention orders. [Full Story]

English schols for 40 Master Trainers
The Indian Government has granted 40 scholarships this year to train English teachers as Master Trainers in spoken English at the English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU),... [Full Story]

A-9 takes Essentials to North
Around 35 lorries belonging to private traders transporting essential items to the North on the A-9 Road left Medawachchiya, yesterday (17) morning. [Full Story]

President to unveil Jetawana stupa for public today
The historic Jetawana stupa in Anuradhapura, which is considered the largest and tallest stupa made out of bricks, will be unveiled for the benefit of the public by President Mahinda Rajapaksa today(June 18). [Full Story]

Sri Lanka may become ‘Hong Kong of India’- HSBC
Sri Lanka’s economy can bounce back from its weakest growth and become the “Hong Kong of India” as the end of almost three decades of civil war boosts business opportunities, reported Bloomberg Press quoting HSBC Bank, in a report on current economic trends in Sri Lanka. [Full Story]

SL releases 9 Indian fishermen
Nine fishermen from India arrested on June 8 by Sri Lankan Navy have been released and were handed over to Indian Coast Guard (ICG) personnel at the International Maritime Boundary line in the Palk Strait on Wednesday, reported The Times of India today (18). [Full Story]

UK should help Sri Lanka and cease lecturing – Lord Naseby
“As we look to the future, the key for us in the UK is to hopefully provide some meaningful resources to help with resettlement and to cease lecturing,” says Lord Naseby in a letter of congratulations to President Mahinda Rajapaksa on the successful defeat of the LTTE. [Full Story]
Bishop Malcolm Ranjith is New Archbishop of Colombo
Pope Benedict XVI has appointed Archbishop Dr. Malcolm Ranjith as the New Archbishop of Colombo, reported a communiqué of the Apostolic Nunciature in Sri Lanka. [Full Story]

Another huge stock of hidden LTTE weapons found
The Armed Forces continue to recover large amounts of war materials from Mullaittivu, Vellamullavaikkal, Chalai, Puthukudueuruppu, Kuppilankulam, Pattikarai and Pullayanpokkanei areas that were earlier under the control of the LTTE. [Full Story]

Wildlife sanctuaries in North to be re-opened
The government has decided to reopen the wildlife sanctuaries in several districts of North which had been closed due to war. [Full Story]

TamilNadu remains on alert for LTTE
TamilNadu police have stepped up patrolling and tightened security along the state's coast to prevent possible infiltration of LTTE remnants from Sri Lanka. [Full Story]

Protecting Human Rights essential value in SL- Sri Lanka’s U.S. Envoy
Sri Lanka has no record of inflicting misery on fellow human beings for the purpose of empire building, commercial advantage or religious righteousness, ... [Full Story]

A-9 opens for private traders
A-9 highway is open from today, June 17, for private traders to transport essential goods following the defeat of terrorism in the North. [Full Story]

Three arrested in LTTE terrorism case in Thailand
Three men have been arrested in Thailand for being involved in arms trade with the LTTE and assisting the 9/11 terrorist attacks of the New York World Trade Centre in the United States. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka gains partnership in SCO
Sri Lanka has been granted the status of Dialogue Partner of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). [Full Story]
President returns after successful visit to Myanmar
President Mahinda Rajapaksa returned to the island today (June 16) after completing a successful two-day State visit to Myanmar. [Full Story]

Korean Navy on a goodwill visit to Sri Lanka
Two ships of the Republic of Korea Navy arrived on a goodwill visit to Sri Lanka, yesterday June 16. [Full Story]

Large hauls of war materials found in areas of Mullaittivu
The Armed Forces continue to recover large amounts of war materials from Mullaittivu, VISHVAMADU, AMPALAVANPOKKANAI, VELLAMULLAVAIKKAL, ETHENKOKKULAM and PUTHUKUDUEURUPPU that were earlier under the control of the LTTE. [Full Story]

Special classes for A/L students in IDP camps
The Government yesterday initiated a special educational program for the students of displaced families who are sitting for the G.C.E. Advanced Level examination this year under the directive of President Mahinda Rajapaksa. [Full Story]

Pakistan gifts ambulances to SL
The Government of Pakistan, through its High Commission in Colombo, gifted three fully equipped and high-roof ambulances to the Health Ministry of the Government of Sri Lanka. [Full Story]
President congratulates Dr. Ahmedinejad
President Mahinda Rajapaksa has sent a message of congratulations to Dr. Mahmoud Ahmedinejad on his re-election as President of the Islamic Republic of Iran. [Full Story]

Will not push SL towards solutions - India to TNA
Members of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) have failed to persuade the Government of India to play any active role with regard to the arriving at a political solution to the national question in Sri Lanka, including the re-merger of the Northern and Eastern Provinces of the Island. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka and UAE to promote bilateral trade
Sri Lanka and the UAE agreed to explore bilateral trade links with an emphasis on investment in agriculture and tourism development, as well as cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Development Fund, during the UAE Foreign Minister, Shaikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al-Nahyan’s official visit to Sri Lanka on June 13. [Full Story]

Priority is to rehabilitate IDPs-President tells Myanmar Leader
Priority of the Sri Lankan government is to rehabilitate the war torn region and bring normalcy to the lives of the people said President Mahinda Rajapaksa at a meeting with the Chairman of the State Peace and Development Council of Myanmar, Senior General Than Shwe. [Full Story]

President in Myanmar
President Mahinda Rajapaksa leading a delegation from Sri Lanka arrived at the Nay Pyi Taw airport, June 14. President Rajapaksa and Madam Shiranthi Rajapaksa were welcomed by the Chairman of the State Peace and Development Council of the Union of Myanmar, Senior General Than Shwe. [Full Story]
Welfare of IDPs progressing well - Yasushi Akashi
Japanese special envoy Yasushi Akashi expressed his appreciation of the programme for the welfare and resettlement of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in the North, despite the many challenges faced by the government due to the larger numbers who arrived within a very short period. [Full Story]

Canadian MP debarred from entry
Canadian Liberal Member of Parliament, Bob Rae was not allowed to enter Sri Lanka when he arrived at the Bandaranaike International Airport on June 10. [Full Story]
UNHCR notes Govt’s good practices in IDP returns
The Government has applied good practices in IDP return such as certified mine clearance prior to return, go & see visits, provided transport for returnees and their belongings,... [Full Story]
Musali Divisional Secretariat IDPs: 90 percent resettled
The Government has allocated Rs. 800 million for the development of Musali Divisional Secretariat Division on the directive of President Mahinda Rajapaksa and 90 percent of resettlement process in the division was completed by the Government ... [Full Story]

Four LTTE agents in US convicted for supporting terror
Four Arms Procurement Agents of the LTTE in US, including the director of the American branch of the LTTE, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to provide material support to the LTTE, a designated foreign terrorist organization in the United States. [Full Story]

Political solution, a task for Sri Lanka- Indian Foreign Secretary
A political solution for the National Question is a Sri Lankan affair and it is not the task of India, Norway or the United Nations to push Sri Lanka towards a political solution, said Indian Foreign Secretary Shiv Shankar Menon to a group of Sri Lankan editors visiting India at the invitation of Indian Government. [Full Story]

Akashi welcomes Govt’s action on IDP welfare
Japanese special envoy, Yashushi Akashi says appreciable measures had already been taken by President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s administration to speed up the resettlement process for the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in the North. [Full Story]

Embassy of SL in US launches Tamil class
The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Washington DC has recently commenced Tamil language classes for its staff in order to improve their language skills and, thereby, facilitate a closer interaction with the expatriate Tamil citizens. [Full Story]

President seeks new thrust for agriculture in North
- meets with father of the Green Revolution
President Mahinda Rajapaksa sees the need for a new thrust in the agricultural development of the North, as the people are resettled and they return to their traditional livelihoods, mainly agriculture. [Full Story]
US help to train English teachers in Sri Lanka
US Embassy joins hands with Cities of Excellence Initiative to train English teachers from different parts of Sri Lanka. [Full Story]

French, British voters reject LTTE proxies for EU Parliament
French and British voters rejected outright the pro-LTTE Tamil candidates who contested last weekend elections to the EU Parliament. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka’s priority – three Rs in post conflict phase
- Attorney General
Sri Lanka’s priority now is reconstruction, reintegration and rehabilitation in the post-conflict phase which we propose to approach in a spirit of true reconciliation. [Full Story]

Explaining the Tamil Tigers to the world
Following the defeat of the LTTE, accepted as the world’s most ruthless terrorist organization, the continued and concerted attack on Sri Lanka by countries of their West, led by key members of the European Union, [Full Story]

Cancel visas of LTTE propagandists - Janata Party President 
The Union government should cancel the visas of Sri Lankan citizens who are campaigning against their government on Indian territory, said Janata Party President Subramanian Swamy. [Full Story]
Huge stocks of hidden LTTE weapons found
The Armed Forces and Police continue to recover large amounts of war materials from Mullaittivu, Vavuniya, Batticaloa and other areas that were earlier under the control of the LTTE. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka is best place to invest in this region
- global investor Jim Rogers
Global investor Jim Rogers says that Sri Lanka is now the best place to invest in this part of the world. He says investing in Sri Lanka at this time is probably a better bet than Pakistan, Bangladesh, India or some of the other countries nearby. [Full Story]

LTTE defeat proves terrorism could be eliminated- UK Shadow Defence Secretary
The British Shadow Defence Secretary, Dr. Liam Fox congratulated the Sri Lankan Government on the military victory against the LTTE terrorist group and he pointed out that the defeat of the LTTE proved to the world that terrorism could be eliminated. [Full Story]

Commonwealth Sec. Gen. hails Sri Lanka on defeating LTTE
Secretary-General of the Commonwealth, Kamalesh Sharma, congratulated the Sri Lankan Government on the military defeat of the LTTE at a meeting with Foreign Minister Bogollagama.  [Full Story]

Open French and British military conduct to international probe-SL Envoy
France and Britain should submit their own past military conduct to international inquiry and Sri Lanka would be prepared to regard the demands for an international inquiry into alleged Human Rights violations in defeating the most ruthless terrorist organization in the world. [Full Story]

Justice Asoka De Silva is new Chief Justice
Justice J. Asoka N. De Silva of the Supreme Court took his oaths as the new Chief Justice in the presence of President Mahinda Rajapaksa at Janadipathi Mandiraya, today (08). [Full Story]
Intensified strategy of better dialogue abroad necessary
- Minister Samarasinghe
We should now go in for an intensified strategy of putting in place a better dialogue and a better information sharing action plan with the countries that voted against Sri Lanka at the Human Rights Council countries so that they would be possessed with our side of the story as well, and be able to take a more balanced position on key issues, said the Minister for Disaster Management & Human Rights. [Full Story]
Be thoughtful not to disturb communal harmony
– President to Media
The media should not be used to disturb communal harmony. The defeat of the LTTE and terrorism has brought the country to the threshold of a new era of unity and understanding. [Full Story]
Indian Envoy castigates Navanethem Pillay for remarks on Sri Lanka
We would like to remind all concerned that the independence of the High Commissioner for Human Rights [Ms. Navanethem Pillay] cannot be presumed to exceed that of the UN Secretary-General. [Full Story]

Sri Lankan maintained zero civilian casualty policy - Don Randall, Australia
The Sri Lankan Government maintained a zero civilian casualty policy and to meet this policy slowed their advance considerably in consideration of the Tamils being used as human shields,... [Full Story]

Govt. to promote coconut cultivation in North 
A number of schemes have been drawn up by the Ministry of Plantation Industries to promote coconut cultivation in the North, parallel to other development plans that are being undertaken there. [Full Story]

Japan assists Grassroots Human Security projects
The Government of Japan pledged a grant aid of US$ 1.4 million (approximately Rs. 160 million) to Danish De-mining Group and the HALO Trust (approximately Rs. 80 million each) for humanitarian de-mining activities in the North.  [Full Story]

Myanmar gives US$ 50,000 to IDPs
The Government of the Union of Myanmar has decided to donate US$ 50,000/= as a demonstration of sympathy and goodwill towards Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in the North to be utilized for the welfare of the IDPs in the North. [Full Story]

SL Navy seize LTTE cargo vessel off Colombo
An cargo vessel 'Captain Ali', believed to be carrying supplies for the LTTE, was seized by Sri Lankan Navy patrol craft 160 Nm off the Colombo seas yesterday, Naval sources said. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka will not allow equating both sides in armed conflict
Sri Lanka does not believe in any attempt to equate the two sides involved in the armed conflict in Sri Lanka. [Full Story]
Former Minister's funeral today
The funeral of the late Minister of Justice and Law Reforms Amarasiri Dodangoda will take place at the Samanala playground in Galle today (4). [Full Story]

Nominations for North to begin June 18
Accepting nominations for the upcoming elections in Jaffna Municipal Councils and Vavuniya Urban Councils will commence from June 18th, the Election Commissioner’s Department announced. [Full Story]

FM briefs US Deputy Secretary of State
Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama briefed the newly appointed US Deputy Secretary of State, James Steinberg, on the current situation of Sri Lanka at a meeting last week on the sidelines of the 8th Shangri - La Dialogue in Singapore. [Full Story]

Sri Lanka should be allowed to tackle its internal affairs - China
China says that the Sri Lankan Government and the people should be allowed to tackle its internal affairs and the international community can make concrete efforts to improve the humanitarian condition of the country. [Full Story]

Tamils hail President’s leadership in return to peace and unity
Leaders and representatives of the Tamil business community from Colombo and several regions of Sri Lanka hailed the leadership given by President Mahinda Rajapaksa in achieving peace in the country and unifying a divided nation. [Full Story]

This is the Motherland of us all. We should live in this country as the children of one mother, as brothers and sisters. There can be no differences here. [Full Story]

Singapore, Philippines hail Sri Lankan victory over LTTE terrorism
The Secretary of National Defence of Philippines, Gilberto C Teodoro and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Singapore, George Yeo ,congratulated the Sri Lankan Government on the military defeat of the LTTE at a meeting on the sidelines of the 8th Shangri – La Dialogue held in Singapore last week. [Full Story]
New era in foreign relations to safeguard motherland – President
In order to, protect our new freedom after defeating terrorism, and to prevent being under the pressure of others, ... [Full Story]

Rs.14000m boost for Rural Development
The government has allocated Rs.14000 million for rural development under the ‘Gama Neguma’ (Developing the Village) programme, launched by the Nation Building and Infrastructure Development Ministry. [Full Story]
Govt. grants 7 million to develop Catholic churches
The government has granted Rs.7 millions to develop the facilities of Catholic churches in the Kurunrgala and Kalutara districts under the programme to develop religious establishment. [Full Story]

Victory celebration over terrorism tomorrow
Elaborate arrangements are now in place for tomorrow’s (03) national celebration to salute the armed forces for historic victory over terrorism that ended with the defeat of the LTTE after three decades. [Full Story]

Pro-LTTE demos cost UK police 8 million pounds
London's Metropolitan Police spent a whopping 8 million pounds to control the 43-day long demonstrations outside the British Parliament by pro-LTTE supporters, the PTI reported quoting a high police official. [Full Story]

Peace brings new boost for Tourism
Sri Lanka is looking forward to a new boost for Tourism, which has for long been one of the major revenue earners for the country. [Full Story]

“Stand up for others, they stand up for you...’’
- Ambassador Dayan Jayatilleka
Those driving the move wanted to hold it when the war was on, and they pushed for it to be held on May 14th.  [Full Story]

Sri Lankan forces protected civilian lives during counter-terrorism operations - FM
In conducting military operations to eliminate terrorism, the Government’s primary concern was to safeguard the innocent civilians, many of whom had experienced multiple displacements over the years, and had their children forcibly conscripted by the LTTE to be used as cannon fodder. [Full Story]

Key SF Commands restored in North
The Sri Lanka Army has restored two key regional headquarters in the North, at Killinochchi and Mullaitivu.  [Full Story]
"I went to war to save innocent people from a ruthless man and his organization" - President
The war was not fought against an innocent person or an organization. [Full Story]

Northern Province to light up
The government is planning to expedite providing electricity to all areas in the Northern region of the country. It is planning to be done under the "Uthuru Wasanthaya" program, which was implemented by the government to develop the region. [Full Story]

Poland to expand economic ties with Sri Lanka
Poland wishes to expand economic ties with Sri Lanka which includes tourism, said the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland, Piotr Klodkowski. [Full Story]

Sri Lankan forces protected civilian lives during counter-terrorism operations - FM
In conducting military operations to eliminate terrorism, the Government’s primary concern was to safeguard the innocent civilians, many of whom had experienced multiple displacements over the years,... [Full Story]





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